Blow The House Down: Eighties Dance Pop

When the 1970s turned into the 1980s quite a few household names could seemingly effortlessly survive in the new decade, like Hall & Oates and pop veterans Graham Gouldman (10cc) and ‘lonely boy’ Andrew Gold, who formed Wax. Both acts sold their old instruments in the mid-eighties and started to use only state of the art electronics to compete successfully with their contemporaries. Even sixties rock icon Steve Winwood (Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, Blind Faith) reached #1 on the Billboard pop chart in 1986. As the decade came to a close, a musical revolution took place and the biggest names at the time had to struggle to reach the next decade. House and hip hop wiped away eighties pop like it had never existed. Even the hit factory of Stock, Aitken & Waterman had a quick meltdown, when the 1990s started and euro dance became the next big thing. The house was blown down, to paraphrase Living In A Box. That said, eighties pop has created a legacy that still exists today. Just…

After Midnight: Funky Chillout Sofa Session

Enjoy this first funky chillout sofa session! It's music that sounds best in those small hours just after midnight.
“The Swedish singer and producer Thea Gustafsson’s latest EP creates a singular, cosmopolitan pop mood that is at once stylish and vulnerable.” (Pitchfork about Becky & The Birds)

Recently Lana Del Rey has annoyed some of her fans because of fake face mask at a book signing in California. At the event, she wore a glittery, mesh face mask that she'd previously used in a cover shoot for Interview magazine. It would appear that the mask provided no protection to the spread of Covid-19. Her sister, who livestreamed the poetry reading on Instagram, said the singer had "tested negative" and was remaining six feet away from her fans, but taken pictures from the signing don't prove she did (BBC). Blue Jeans is from her excellent debut album with songs about "the dark side of the American dream".


Lo Artiz – Kick Back (2020)

Mellow Mellow FM Radio: California Gold

Enjoy the best years of West Coast radio! Music never sounded as sunny as in the late seventies and early eighties on the Californian airwaves. I tried to recapture the feeling with this brand new Mellow Mellow FM radio episode.

Fallen Angel was originally recorded by British soft rock band Rogue and released as a single in 1975. It came to #12 on the Dutch Top 40 in early 1976. It also charted minorly on Billboard, reaching #108. The version of the former frontman of the Four Seasons, Frankie Valli, who was picking up his career at the time, was a hit in both the United Kingdom and United States. It peaked respectively at #11 and #36, but failed to chart in the Netherlands. On the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart, the song even reached the top 10. It was featured in the very successful Broadway musical Jersey Boys about the career of the Four Seasons.

Modern day yacht rock band State Cows just released a brand new track, called Caught In A Landslide.


Peabo Bryson ‎– Min…

Eddy’s Eighties Grooves Part 35: Stay Funky

Enjoy this new episode of Eddy’s Eighties Grooves tthat brings us back to the days of pure vinyl and oldschool mixtapes! Next up is a new part of Mellow Mellow FM Radio. Tracklist:

I.N.D. ‎– Every Body Likes To Do It (1981)
Oliver Cheatham ‎– Get Down Saturday Night (1983)
Con Funk Shun – A Song For You (1981)
Kwick – I Want To Dance With You (1980)
Systematic – Soul To Soul (1988)
Peaches & Herb – One On One Situation (1983)
The Apx – Your Touch (2019)
Jody Watley ‎– Looking For A New Love (1986)
Dayton – Meet The Man (1982)
Grandmaster Flash – The Adventure Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel (1983)
Chic – Good Times (1979)
Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight (1979)
The S.O.S. Band ‎– The Finest (1986)

Smooth Sailing: Seventies Autumn Breeze

We’ve said goodbye to the summer in a seventies style last week, so let’s welcome the autumn in the same way on this exclusive Mixcloud Select Smooth Sailing trip! 😊 Born in California on 22 September 1944 and the daughter of actor Johnny Green, Kathe Jennifer Green appeared in a number of television series at the start of the 1960s. She made her first serious involvement in show business in 1968 when she dubbed the singing voice of Mark Lester in the film Oliver!, for which her father was musical director. The same year Kathe appeared in the Peter Sellers film The Party. She recorded her debut LP the following year, Run The Length Of Your Wildness, for which she wrote ten of the album's thirteen tracks. In 1975 Kathe Green signed with Motown, with producer Frank Wilson assembling a stellar cast of session players (James Jamerson, Jeff Porcaro and Ray Parker Jr.). However, the record company lost interest along the way and the album was banished to the Prodigal label. Afterwards …

Smooth Sailing: Seventies Summer Farewell

Enjoy your time in the floating hotel and wave goodbye to the summer of 2020 in a seventies style! Montreal City by Azymuth (or Azimüth as they were called at the time) is from Bob Stanley’s excellent new compilation 76 In The Shade, out on Ace Records. The Brazilian trio started out as a cover band in the early 1970s, but switched to their own material in 1973. Their debut album was released two years later and featured Montreal City, a tribute to the city that would host the 1976 Olympic Games. It marked the beginning of their own ‘crazy samba’ style, a melting pot of Latin, jazz-funk and electronics.  Tracklist:

The Alchemist – The Flaoting Hotel Intro
Angela Bofill – Under The Moon And Over The Sky (1978)
Lulu ‎– Take Your Mama For A Ride (1974)
April Fulladosa – Tell Me (1978)
Summer – Transcendental Airline (1979)
Fleetwood Mac – Sugar Daddy (1975)
El Chicano ‎– Tell Her She's Lovely (1973)
Azymuth – Montreal City (1975)
Batteaux – High Tide (1973)
Lonnie Liston Smith – Summer…

Mellow Mellow AM Radio: Bubblegum Soul & Ear Friendly Pop

Enjoy my tribute to (mostly) the hit sound of AM Radio (1960 - ±1975)! It's music I don't usually play on Mixcloud, so this might be one episode only ;-)

During the 1960s and early 1970s, AM radio was by far the most popular format. Bubblegum pop’s syncopated, catchy rhythms and singalong lyrics, like the songs from Motown, sounded best on portable mono radios. In Europe AM pop was mainly played by pirate stations, which made it even more exciting to listen to. Around the mid-70s stereo hifi-equipment replaced the transistor radio and pirate stations disappeared one by one, due to government decisions. FM radio stations were willing to play album tracks and longer songs in better sound quality. They pushed back the inferior sounding AM stations that were more tightly programmed and singles-oriented. It was the end of an era.

According to an early promoter of the Beach Boys, Fun, Fun, Fun was inspired by an incident involving Shirley Johnson, the daughter of a radio station’s…

Soft Focus Part 5: Soul, Bossa & Exotica

The exotica sounds of the 1950s (Les Baxter, Martin Denny and others) make you think of tropical islands, blue seas and sandy beaches. Some of the tropical ingredients were copied by Dr. Buzzards Original Savannah Band and more seventies disco acts (that are gathered on Cocktail Disco, a compilation by Dimitri From Paris). And many lounge acts used the typical exotica sounds in the 2000s. Even acts of today, like Surprise Chef and Sinj Clarke, refer to classic exotica.  The closing track by Jordan Rakei is from the upcoming album Blue Note Re:imagined that will be released on October 16. Wind Parade originally appeared on trumpeter Donald Byrd’s 1975 classic jazz-funk album Places and Spaces, which was produced by the amazing Mizell brothers.   Enjoy part 5 of my Soft Focus series! Next up is a spin-off episode of Mellow Mellow FM Radio.Tracklist: Delegation – Oh Honey (1978)
Marlena Shaw – Last Tango In Paris (1973)
Surprise Chef – All News Is Good News (2020)
Barbara Mason – Give Me …

Smooth Sailing: Retro Wave, Soft Rock & Electro Pop

We set sail for probably our last boat trip this summer. Enjoy!

Retro Wave (or synthwave) is an electronic music microgenre that is based predominately on the music associated with action, science-fiction, and horror film soundtracks of the 1980s:
“The genre developed in the mid-2000s through French house producers, as well as younger artists who were inspired by the 2002 video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It reached wider popularity after being featured in the soundtracks of the 2011 film Drive (which included some of the genre's best-known songs) and the 2010s Netflix series Stranger Things." (Wikipedia)

To remix Hopium was part of a contest a few years back. The one I chose to play on this cloudcast was the first one I made. The second remix is on my Soundcloud page. I didn’t win anything, by the way… 😉

Nowadays known as a yacht rock phenomenon, the band Pages was disbanded after their third self-titled album in 1981, due to disappointing record sales. Main members R…

Easy Listening On Sunday Morning

Enjoy an easy way to wake up for Mixcloud subscribers only!

The 70s soft rock covers on his album Some Guys sound, according to singer Jonathan Coulton himself, “exactly like the originals.” And I have to admit that they do! 😊

The original version of Arianne appeared on Johnny Mathis’ 1973 album Killing Me Softly With Her Song. Rod McKuen, who recorded the song for his album Sleep Warm two years later, once said that it originates from a French poem. Christian Roudey wrote the lyrics and music for the song, Martin Charnin made the English translation.
“Arianne is April morning
That comes rippling through my window
She's the smell of coffee brewing
On a quiet, rainy Sunday
She's the purring of a kitten
That has made my neck a pillow for his head…”Tracklist:

Galdston & Thom – Savannah Sunny Sunday (1977)
Brotherhood Of Man ‎– California Sunday Morning (1971)
Johnny Mathis – Arianne (1973)
Mystic Moods – The Morning After (1975)
Jonathan Coulton – Easy (2019)
Maxine Weldon – I Wan…

Eddy’s Eighties Grooves Part 34 Summer Nights

Enjoy one hour of soulful eighties music!

As I wrote before, Angela Bofill was initially a jazz-funk singer, but her biggest hit was a dance track, namely the title track of her 1983 Too Tough album. Other great songs on the album were Is This A Dream and I Can See It In Your Eyes, all produced by Narada Michael Walden. Her sound became even more electronic on her next album, which was supervised by electro funk duo The System, mostly known for their classic You’re In My System (covered by Robert Palmer). In the mid-eighties the musical landscape changed drastically and Angela Bofill had to struggle hard to keep her career going.

Barry White started working in the music industry in the 1960s, but his commercial success came in the 1970s as one of the frontrunners of disco, creating Love’s Theme with his Love Unlimited Orchestra and solo songs like Never Never Gonna Give Ya Up, You're The First, The Last, My Everything and Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe. After disco had rea…

Funky Chillout - Heatwave Edition

It has never been as warm as in the past week in the Netherlands, so this is my answer to the heatwave… enjoy!

In 1975 singer/songwriter Stephen Bishop made a name for himself, when he delivered two excellent songs on Art Garfunkel’s Breakaway album. Save It For A Rainy Day, which is on this cloudcast, was the first of two hit singles from his debut album, Careless that came out a year later. It features a guitar solo by Eric Clapton and Chaka Khan on backing vocals. It went to number 22 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. His next single, On And On, almost reached the Top 10, peaking at number 11 in 1977. After 5 years of silence, he was back on the charts with It Might Be You, the theme song to the movie Tootsie, but he did not write the track. In 1985, Bishop's song Separate Lives was recorded as a duet by Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin for the film White Nights and was nominated for an Academy Award. Stephen Bishop is still writing and recording until this day.

Luckily Michael Jack…

Mellow Mellow FM Radio: Hot Sounds Of The Seventies

There are two tracks on this cloudcast from the excellent new compilation album Saint Etienne Present Songs For The Fountain Coffee Room. Also a song by Elvis Presley, who passed away 43 years ago this Sunday (August 16th 1977). The first time I play an Elvis song on Mellow Mellow FM Radio!

Bronx native Angela Bofill sang with Ricardo Morrero & the Group and the Dance Theater of Harlem chorus before her 1978 debut album Angie came out. With her strong, distinctive alto, she turned out to be an outstanding interpreter of jazzy soul ballads. Between 1978 and 1984, Bofill had consistent success on the R&B charts, with six albums making the Top 40, including two that made the Top Ten. During this period, seven of her singles reached the R&B Top 40 as well. Bofill's career cooled off after 1984, when she was dropped by her record company Arista in favour of Whitney Houston, who could enter the pop market as well. In 2006 and 2007 Angela Bofill suffered two strokes. Because…

Sunbathe, Sunscreen & Soft Soulful Music

Slowing down is always the best advice in days of heat and humidity. Let’s go to the pool to sunbathe near the water, put up some sunscreen and listen to soft soulful music!

Probably one of the most tragic pop stars that has ever lived is Scottish singer Lena Zavaroni. At only ten years of age, she was the youngest person in history to have an album, Ma! (He's Making Eyes at Me), in the top ten of the UK Albums Chart. Later she starred in her own television series, made numerous TV guest star appearances, and appeared on stage. In her teenage years, the singer suffered from anorexia nervosa and during this time she also developed clinical depression. She blamed this on the pressure placed upon her to fit into costumes, while at the same time "developing as a woman." Following an operation to cure her depression, Zavaroni died at the age of thirty-five from pneumonia on 1 October 1999. I once saw an interview with her in a BBC documentary and she clearly looked like som…

Summer Body: Soundtrack To A Seventies Movie

Enjoy this fictional soundtrack to a non-existing seventies movie! 😊Some of the tracks are actual songs from a soundtrack, but most of them certainly could have been. This cloudcast is an exclusive one for Mixcloud Select subscribers only.


– Summer Body (2020)
Rice & Beans Orchestra – Love Is On My Mind (1977)
Limoncello – Con Tu Amor (2020)
Los Retros – New Humanity (2020)
Nat Dove & The Devils – Zombie March (1977)
B-Movie Orchestra – Sexy Girls (2012)
Dianne Mower – The Secret Sign (1980)
Marlena Shaw – Last Tango In Paris (1973)
Love Unlimited Orchestra – Brazilian Love Song (1976)
Norman Harris – In Good Faith (1980)
Werner Baumgart's Big Band Baden-Baden – Long Island Sound (1980)
Lani Hall – No Strings (1980)
Silver Convention – San Francisco Hustle (1976)
MFSB – Plenty Good Lovin’ (1976)

Smooth Sailing: Summer Breezes & Sunshine Sounds

An episode filled with “sea, salt & caramel”, to quote Dent May! 😊 Although his song is brand new, Dent May is undoubtedly inspired by classic American songwriters from the 1970s, like Harry Nilsson, Carole King and Randy Newman.

The track by the mysterious Bobbie Gentry is on the new compilation album Saint Etienne Present Songs For The Fountain Coffee Room, which will be out on Ace Records tomorrow.

Enjoy this mid-summer part of Smooth Sailing!


No Vacation – August (2015)
Bobbie Gentry – Thunder In The Afternoon (1978)
Seals & Crofts – Summer Breeze [Philip Steir Tsuper Tsunami Remix] (2004)
Robert Palmer ‎– Every Kinda People (1978)
Dent May – Sea Salt & Caramel (2020)
Jim Croce – Thursday (1973)
Lloyd Cole And The Commotions ‎– Rattlesnakes (1984)
Brenda Russell – Way Back When (1979)
Triumvirat ‎– Waterfall (1978)
The Brothers Johnson – In The Way (1981)
James Taylor ‎– Woman's Gotta Have It (1976)
Stephen Bishop – Sinking In An Ocean Of Tears (1976)
Steve Carlisl…

Love Hangover: One Hour Of Seductive Soul

Enjoy this seductive soul hour!

Donna Summer, once crowned as the Queen of Disco, desperately needed a musical makeover in the post-disco/post-Moroder years of the early eighties, when her career seemed to fade out. No one was better qualified for the job than Quincy Jones, who could combine soul and pop to a state of perfection. Her 1982 self-titled album turned out to be some kind of final rehearsal for Thriller a year later. The all-star choir on State Of Independence returned on Michael Jackson’s Wanna Be Startin’ Something, for instance. Although the album was not a huge commercial success, it delivered great singles like Love Is In Control and Woman In Me.
"It mostly reaffirmed that Summer was back in stride.” (Allmusic)


The Originals – California Sunset (1975)
Angie Jarée – Wrap Myself Up In Your Love (2020)
Donna Summer ‎– Woman In Me (1982)
Foxy – Mademoiselle (1978)
Millie Jackson ‎– Hurts So Good (1973)
Lynda Carter – All Night Song (1978)
Norman Connors – Valentine…

Smooth Sailing: Chillwave, Dreamy Alt Pop & Tropical Chill

Enjoy this fresh Smooth Sailing trip! The smooth jazz tracks by Michael Hayes and Plunky are from the new compilation album NuLeaf, which is out on Numero Group.
“Feel like chillwave is supposed to sound like something that was playing in the background of an old VHS cassette that you found in your attic from the late 80s/early 90s.” (The Guardian)


Michael Hayes – Orphans (1989)
Ronald Langestraat – Lowdown (2019)
Eva Valery – Bygones (2019)
Nona – Preaching To The Choir (2019)
Washed Out – Time To Walk Away (2020)
Toro Y Moi – Ordinary Guy (2020)
Noel McKoy – People Make Change (2019)
Patrice Rushen – Don’t Blame Me (1980)
Plunky – Tropical Chill [Jazz Mix] (1988)
Soulpersona & Princess Freesia Feat. Carl Hudson – Sail Away (2020)
SG Lewis – Chemicals (2020)
Unperfect – Poppin’ Off (2019)
Grand Pax – PWR (2020)
Martika ‎– Love...Thy Will Be Done (1991)

Good Vibes Only: Late Night Beach Chillout

This cloudcast is a little bit inspired by the series Late Night Tales, without any doubt the best compilation series ever. Artists like Jamiroquai, Air and Groove Armada created their ultimate late night mix for the label. If I would be asked for this wonderful series (“The Rolls Royce of compilations"), it would sound something like this, I guess. The soundtrack to early morning pleasure: relaxing at a beautiful beach, after a long night out.

Again a small tribute to Minnie Riperton, one of soul music's most unique and unforgettable voices, who passed away on the 12th of July 1979.

By the way, Fila Brazilia sampled a song from The Bar-Kays, Shake Your Rump To Funk, which isn’t mentioned on yet. Just a personal discovery 😊


Souleance – La Plage (2012)
Claude Fontaine – Pretending He Was You (2019)
Morgana King – Walk On By (1967)
El Chicano – Cha Chita (1973)
Sinj Clarke – I Fell In Love Again (2020)
Norah Jones – I’ve Got To See You Again (2002)
Maë Defa…

Mellow Mellow FM Radio: Yesterday Once More

Another episode of Mellow Mellow FM Radio, enjoy!

Pretty Bird by Terea is from The Ladies Of Too Slow To Disco 2 compilation that came out last week:
“Female artists determined to fashion a music industry that worked for them, starting their own labels like Olivia Records and Redwood Records, a good twenty plus years before Riot Grrrl, planting an early flag for feminist-DIY.” Tender Leaf was formed in the 1980s when Murray Compoc and Darryl Valdez met while working as drivers of the city bus. The two shared a love of music and soon started jamming together, eventually forming a band. Both Compoc and Valdez wrote enough original material to record an album. In 1982, they entered Sea West Studios, then located in Hauula on the north east coast of Oahu. With the help of keyboardist/producer Kit Ebersbach (who played on albums by Lemuria and Babadu in the 1970s), Tender Leaf committed to tape nine songs that effortless carry the harmonious, easy-going energy of Hawaii.

The track from the …

Sweetest Summer Sophisti-Pop 2

As I wrote earlier, sophisticated pop is a smooth, jazzy style of mainstream pop/rock that first appeared around the mid-eighties, although bands like Steely Dan did something similar earlier on. Artists, like Sade and The Style Council, merged jazz-soul characteristics with their music and made it extremely popular. It turns out to sound best on lazy days when the weather is extremely hot :-)

The track by Janis Siegel is from the new Too Slow To Disco compilation:
“There are one or two slightly over-schmaltzy moments but generally speaking these are late-night smoochers n' swayers of the highest order... soft focus, white wine and roses optional.” (Juno)

Enjoy this exclusive mix that I made for my loyal Boogie Bunker Radio listeners and Mixcloud subscribers!


Jessie Ware – Remember Where You Are (2020)
Sinj Clarke – Unas Horas (2020)
Everything But The Girl ‎– Each & Every One (1984)
Folamour Feat. Liv East – I Miss Having Someone To Talk To (2020)
Sade – Never As Good A…

Sweetest Summer Sophisti-Pop

To celebrate my 600th cloudcast on Mixcloud and the beginning of summer, I made this sunny sophisti-pop mix. Enjoy!

Many popular sophisti-pop artists incorporated sweet pop-soul into their songs, which made them perfect material to play on pop as well on smooth jazz radio stations. Especially the typical eighties synthesizer sound made sophisti-pop a product of its time and by the beginning of the next decade, it had largely faded away, leaving us with quite a few really enjoyable tracks. Well-known names in this sub-genre are (apart from the ones that I selected) Black, Simply Red, Sade, The Style Council, Swing Out Sister, Prefab Sprout, and Everything but the Girl.


Bodyline – Tender (2020)
Scritti Politti Feat. Miles Davis – Oh Patti (Don't Feel Sorry For Loverboy) (1988)
DeBarge ‎– I Like It (1982)
Jerry Corbetta – Caribbean Lady (1978)
Nohelani Cypriano – Island Boy (1979)
Matt Bianco ‎– More Than I Can Bear (1984)
Priscilla – Juste Un Kiss (2014)
Viktor Lazlo ‎– Sweet, S…

Free Ride: Crossing Borders Between Pop, Rock & Soul

A soundtrack to a Californian road trip with a little bit of police trouble along the way… All songs are in the twilight zone somewhere between pop, rock and soul. Enjoy!

Canadian singer-songwriter R. Dean Taylor is one of the most underrated acts ever to record for Motown Records. Although he wrote lots of chart-topping singles, like Love Child for The Supremes, his own single Gotta See Jane received no promotion in the US, when it was released in 1967. It was picked up in Europe and it became a hit in the Netherlands and the UK. Only his song Indiana Wants Me was a top ten hit in both the US and UK, in 1970, but it did not reach the charts in the Netherlands. It came out on the Rare Earth label, formed by Motown in an attempt to establish itself in the rock music market. The police siren sounds at the start of the record were removed from some copies supplied to radio stations after complaints that drivers hearing the song on the radio had mistakenly pulled over, thinking that the …

Eddy’s Eighties Grooves Part 33: Sunshine Boogie

Highly danceable grooves mostly from and a few inspired by the 1980s. Enjoy!

Recently percussionist, singer and composer Hamilton Bohannon passed away. After playing in a band with Jimi Hendrix and a brief period as a schoolteacher, he was recruited as drummer in Stevie Wonder's touring band in 1964. Three years later Bohannon started as the leader and arranger of Bohannon & The Motown Sound, who provided backing for many of the label's top acts on tour. When Motown Records moved to Los Angeles in 1972, Bohannon started a career of his own and became a cult disco legend. Especially his breaks on Let's Start To Dance are phenomenal. The track has been sampled and covered a dozen of times. In his hometown Newnan, Georgia, they named a street after him, the Hamilton Bohannon Drive.

Folamour about I Miss Having Someone To Talk To on Musictech:
“This song was inspired by how I felt during my last months in London. Back then, I was touring every day, playing close to 20 g…

Seventies West Coast Breeze

Enjoy this seventies West Coast breeze for Mixcloud subscribers exclusively!

The second track was not made in the 1970s, but it sounds like it could have been. Beneath The Fireworks is from the EP, My Place To You by Indian folk funk band Easy Wanderlings:
“The over-arching theme is based on the people who selflessly give a part of themselves, their home, their body and soul to a loved one.” The San Francisco Christian Center was founded in 1954 and was one of the first churches to open its doors to disaffected hippies searching for a deeper spiritual substance in the dog days of the 1960s. This era saw the flowering of new, youth-driven forms of “Jesus music” that fused gospel messages with rock aesthetics, including the driving rhythms and charismatic delivery found in the work of modern soul stars like Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Al Green and Earth, Wind & Fire. Chief amongst these new-style gospel artists was the San Francisco-based Andraé Crouch, who was one of the inf…

Música Relaxante e Suave

Enjoy the seaside spirit! The track by Painel De Controle is from the excellent Latin disco album The Brazilian Boogie Connection: From Rio To Sao Paulo (1976-1983), out on Cultures of Soul.

Next up is a new part of Eddy's Eighties Grooves.


Crystal Cola – Seaside Cocktail (2020)
Dianne Mower – The Secret Sign (1980)
Painel De Controle ‎– Relax (1979)
Astrud Gilberto – The Girl From Ipanema [Disco Version] (1977)
Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band – Sour And Sweet / Lemon In The Honey (1976)
Rose Royce – Still In Love (1982)
Roy Ayers – Aragon (1973)
Diesler – La Playas (2006)
Recloose Feat. Lisa Tomlins – Spinnin’ Out (2005)
Webster Lewis – Barbara Ann (1978)
Peven Everett ‎– Stuck (2006)
Chick Corea ‎– Central Park (1978)
Bernard Wright – Spinnin' (1981)
Skee-Lo ‎– I Wish (1995)

Smooth Sailing: Summer Vibes Special

The tragic death of 31-year-old Minnie Riperton in 1979 silenced one of soul music's most unique and unforgettable voices. Her pop career began in 1961 when she joined a local group called the Gems, signing to the famed Chess label to release a handful of singles as well as lend backing vocals to acts including Fontella Bass, the Dells, and Etta James. In 1968, Riperton was installed as the lead vocalist of the psychedelic soul band Rotary Connection. In the beginning of the next decade she went solo and after a few years of struggling she became world famous when Loving You went to #1 on Billboard in 1975.

Enjoy this new Smooth Sailing trip, a prelude to warm summer days!


Filó – Quero Pouco, Quero Muito (1983)
Tompi – Feel This Way (2019)
Barry Gibb – One Night (For Lovers) (1984)
Work Drugs – Down The Shore (2020)
Stylus – We All Need One Another (1976)
Sailor – Blame It On The Soft Spot (1974)
Ralph MacDonald – It Feels So Good (1978)
Marc Jordan – Beautiful People (1979)

Spring Fever: An Exclusive Seventies Mixtape

The track by Sparks is from their recent compilation album Past Tense. Ron and Russell Mael started as a glam rock act in the early seventies and had hits with This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us and Amateur Hour. They turned into a conventional rock band a few years later, but suddenly appeared as the first electropop duo in musical history. Soft Cell, Yazoo, Erasure and even the Pet Shop Boys learned the trick from them, musical and image wise. Last week Sparks released a complete new album A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip and director Edgar Wright (Baby Driver) is currently working on a documentary about the brothers Mael.
"…there he stood laughing and smiling for hours..." One Morning In May / Sundown

Enjoy this exclusive seventies mixtape for Mixcloud subscribers only!


Sundown – One Morning In May (1976)
Chicago ‎– Wishing You Were Here (1974)
Orleans ‎– Spring Fever (1976)
Brigati ‎– Gotta Get Next To Somebody (1976)
The Rogue Show ‎– Come Back Baby (1972…

Mellow Mellow FM Radio: Slow Disco, Soft Rock & Smooth Soul

Enjoy this new part of Mellow Mellow FM Radio! Again inspired by and partly based on the excellent Sunshine 70s series from Martijn Soetens.

When the success of instrumental guitar band The Shadows faded in the late 1960s, members Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch asked singer/songwriter John Farrar (later known for his work with Olivia Newton-John) to join them as a trio. In contrary of the Shadows, Marvin Welch & Farrar were a vocal harmony group, inspired by bands such as Crosby Stills Nash & Young and The Hollies. Their records, although well received by the press, did not sell well, because of different expectations from the audience. After three albums the trio reformed The Shadows as a vocal band to become second after Dutch band Teach-In at the 1975 Eurovision Song Contest. Four years later they were back in business with instrumental music again, when they had a massive hit with Theme From 'The Deer Hunter’. It reached number one in the Netherlands.

Nowadays known as a …

Relaxin’: Latin & Chillout Pleasures

Relax and enjoy! The track from Stevens Scott & Dee is taken from the brand new compilation album Praise Poems Vol. 7, out on Tramp Records and Cléa Vincent's song is from her just released EP Tropi​-​Cléa 2.

I selected Sing from Now & Then, the legendary fifth album by the Carpenters, released in 1973. The title for the album was suggested by their mother, Agnes. The album featured a wonderful three-panel cover, showing a panoramic view of Karen and Richard driving past the Carpenter family home in Downey, California. The car pictured on the iconic cover is Richard's Ferrari 365 GTB/4 ("Daytona").


Sociedad Organizada En Sonido – Buscaya Da Yada (1975)
Gilles Rivard – Ca Va, Ca Va Brazilia (1981)
Billy Paul ‎– Mrs. Robinson (1970)
Barbara Gryfe – I’ll Never Fall In Love Again (1970)
[Re:Jazz] – People Hold On [Alternate Acapella Take] (2004)
Cris Delanno – I Heard It Through the Grapevine (2017)
Angel "Pocho" Gatti Y Su Orguesta ‎– Pajaros Trop…