Best of 2010s Soul

“Love can enchant your eyes to see the world as a mystical garden, lit up by the rays of Summer sun. It casts a spell on you, taking you on a "trip" away - a trip to pack your bags, or maybe a trip to psychedelia. Either way, we only got one lucky ticket around the sun - let go, enjoy the trip & indulge in the gift of enchantment love can serve up.” A handful of great soul songs from the past decade. Enjoy! Previous parts: Best Of 90s Soul and Best Of 00s Soul.


Tony Momrelle – Shout It Out (2016)
Maë Defays – Peace (2019)
Kandace Springs – Talk To Me (2016)
Kali Uchis – Body Language (2018)
Tom Glide Feat. Funmilayo Ngozi – All I Need Is You [5AM Jazzy Jam Rework] (2017)
Tei Shi Feat. Blood Orange – Even If It Hurts (2019)
Cornell C.C. Carter – Where Do We Go [Boogie Back Remix] (2017)
Zo! Feat. Carmen Rodgers & Eric Roberson – Love Up (2019)
Najee Feat. Meli'sa Morgan – In The Mood To Take It Slow (2013)
Ego Ella May – How Far (2019)
Lou’Ana – Summe…

Songs In Soft Focus Part 4: Smooth Jazz & Mellow Disco

I collected some soul, jazz & disco songs that all have one thing in common: they all would fit wonderfully in a yacht rock mix, because of the same relaxed and sophisticated “West Coast vibe”. Cool Out from Leroy Hutson, for instance, sounds like Steely Dan’s jazzy pop, Ragan Whiteside puts a soulful, groovy twist on Little River Band’s Reminiscing and did you know that Toto’s Jeff Porcaro played drums on Kathe Green’s Love City, which was initially released on Motown?

In 1975 Kathe Green joined Motown Records, with producer Frank Wilson putting the best L.A. studio musicians together to work on her album (James Jamerson, Ray Parker Jr and forementioned Jeff Porcaro), but the record company lost interest along the way. After Love City was withdrawn as a single, Beautiful Changes appeared some time later, but little was done to promote it. Eventually Love City did come out, followed by the album two months later, but at that time it was banished to the Prodigal label. Kathe Gr…

Smooth Sailing: Rockin’ You Eternally

We are sailing smoothly into 2020… Enjoy the trip! 😊
American singer/songwriter Kirk Reed first recorded the West Coast gem California in 1979:
"The song is a folky groover that pays tribute to The Golden State through its imagery of sunshine and wide open roads. The original record is highly in demand among collectors." This month a great remix of the track by Shawn Lee (Young Gun Silver Fox) has been released on Believe International Records. Lee has put the song in a new jacket with added instruments and vocals, but has kept the original West Coast vibe. You can read my first impression of the remix on the official Bandcamp page.
Sheila Ferguson, Fayette Pinkney and Valerie Holiday of the Three Degrees released their psychedelic soul album Maybe on Roulette Records in 1970, after a handful of singles the years before. On the LP were covers of well-known songs, such as Jimmy Webb’s MacArthur Park, Lynn Anderson’s Rose Garden, and Sugar On Sunday, originally recorded …

Eddy’s Eighties Club Grooves

Enjoy part 29 of Eddy's Eighties Grooves, partly inspired by some so-called “minimixes” on vintage cassettes 😊 By the way, as a reward for their support new parts of the series Eddy's Eighties Grooves will be exclusively for subscribers as of today. Previous parts will be available for everyone. For 2020 the plan is to upload a free cloudcast every weekend. Next up is a new part of Smooth Sailing.
Some of the songs are "Hi-NRG" dance tracks. Because of Disco Demolition Night and the fact that MTV did not play any R&B acts when they started, disco disappeared in the underground club scene around 1980. One of the dance subgenres that arose was Hi-NRG, which was inspired by the beat and synthesizer sounds of Donna Summer’s I Feel Love. Big Hi-NRG names were American producers Patrick Cowley (Sylvester) and Bobby Orlando (Divine, The Flirts). Later on the more soulful recordings of UK producers Ian Anthony Stephens and Ian Levine became Hi-NRG dancefloor favourites…

Back To The Vinyl Days On Mellow Mellow FM Radio

From the final days of 2019 to the vinyl days is just a small step. So let’s go back to the sounds of American radio during the seventies & eighties and reminisce one more time before we go into 2020. It’s music from the vinyl era, long before cd’s, mp3’s and streaming audio took over. Enjoy this new episode of Mellow Mellow FM Radio!

State Cows are one of very few modern yacht rock / West Coast / AOR bands that create new original music. The band consists of Daniel Andersson on vocals and guitars and Stefan Olofsson on keyboards and bass. Many guest musicians have contributed to their recordings and live gigs, most notably Jay Graydon (two-time Grammy winner, twelve-time Grammy nominee), Bill Champlin (Chicago), Jason Scheff (Chicago), Michael Landau (Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd) and Ian Bairnson (Kate Bush, Alan Parsons Project). I Got The Message is from their new album Challenges:"Smooth guitar lines, half-time shuffles, funky bass lines, slick harmonies, real Fender Rhod…

Songs In Soft Focus Part 3: Sunshine Pop On Such A Winter’s Day

“All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray
I've been for a walk on a winter's day
I'd be safe and warm if I was in L.A
California dreamin' on such a winter's day”California Dreamin’, originally from the Mamas & the Papas, is without any doubt the most iconic sunshine pop song. The genre was a mid-sixties, mainly Californian pop style, typified by rich harmony vocals, lush orchestrations, and an overall happy-go-lucky mood. In this type of “flower power” music folk and psychedelic sounds miraculously came together. Apart from the Mamas & the Papas, popular bands were Spanky & Our Gang and the Association. Later soulful elements popped up in the genre with acts like The Fifth Dimension, Rotary Connection (produced by legendary Charles Stepney) and Friends of Distinction. Sunshine pop largely disappeared in the early seventies and was more or less taken over by the Californian yacht rock sound.

For a long time dj’s in the US thought Del Shannon was Afr…

Rudolph’s Disco Christmas Party

Merry Christmas to all my followers, subscribers and listeners! 😊 About his new Christmas track with Princess Freesia, Soulpersona tells us to “get comfy with a warming whisky and a mince pie as Freesia serenades the randy reindeer...”

Italian born Giorgio Moroder went to Germany to record his debut single Looky, Looky in 1969, but his career would get a boost when he met fellow musician Pete Belotte a few years later. With him Moroder formed a highly successful production partnership. Together with then unknown American singer Donna Summer, who lived in Germany at the time, the trio created an electronic disco sound that is still influential today. From Here To Eternity is from Moroder's same-titled solo album.


Soulpersona & Princess Freesia – Rudolph (2019)
The Universal Robot Band ‎– Disco Christmas (1977)
Giorgio Moroder – From Here To Eternity [intro] (1977)
L.E.B. Harmony – Feeling Love [Joey Negro Edit] (1979)
Soul Providers – Rise (2001)
Grey & Hanks – Dancin…

Mellow Mellow FM Radio: Smooth Jazz, Soft Soul & Sophisti-Funk

Enjoy another retro episode of my imaginary station Mellow Mellow FM Radio! Thanks to Martijn Soetens, whose brilliant Sunshine 70s series was a true inspiration.

More or less by accident George McCrae had a worldwide hit with Rock Your Baby in 1974. The song was written and produced by Harry Wayne Casey and Richard Finch from KC & the Sunshine Band. It was originally intended as a single for George's wife Gwen, as a solo artist, but she had called in sick the day the studio was booked. When George randomly showed up, they put him behind the microphone and the rest is history. Rock Your Baby became a worldwide hit and the song was the spark that lit the disco fire in the years to come. Shortly after this success George and Gwen McCrae made their only album as a duo, called Together (after some singles in the 1960s). The couple split in 1977.

Singer/pianist/clown Elton John has the honour to have recorded the worst song of all time (Nikita) and the only good album he made (The…

Smooth Sailing: Don’t Tip The Boat Over

The other day I saw the movie Fisherman’s Friends, which is about ten fishermen from Cornwall, whose debut album of fisherman’s songs surprisingly went into the UK top ten. There’s a key scene in the movie when the female protagonist talks about the joy of listening to a vinyl record. She thinks that’s the only way to learn more about the artist and she’s convinced that Steve Jobs spoiled that pleasure when he started selling single tracks of an album. And a few seconds later there’s a love scene, while Rock The Boat by The Hues Corporation is on the record player. So that’s where the inspiration came from 😊 Enjoy this fresh new episode of Smooth Sailing!


Steve Turner ‎– Harbor Place (1983)
Melissa Manchester ‎– I Wanna Be Where You Are (1977)
Savannah Cristina – What You Won’t Do (2019)
Rebecca Jean Eliott – Rock With You (2019)
Chris Hillman ‎– Clear Sailin' (1977)
The Hues Corporation – Rock The Boat (1974)
Art Webb – You Can’t Hide Love (1977)
Ed Motta – Lost In The Night …

Eddy’s Eighties Grooves Part 28: Love Dancin’

According to C-Heads MagazineNo Good by Nasaya and Janeva is a tropical pop anthem outfitted to keep you warm as the seasons get cold. Nasaya tells about his new single:
“Janeva and I wrote ‘No Good’ in our first session which was such a fun and easy process because we share so many similar influences. I’m obsessed with disco/80’s music, and I feel like this track sounds like it could have been released at that time. I hope it makes you dance!”Enjoy part 28 of Eddy's Eighties Grooves! 😊 Next up is a new episode of Smooth Sailing.


Herbie Hancock – Motor Mouth (1982)
The Brothers Johnson – Sunlight (1981)
Clifford Coulter – Don’t Wanna See You Cry (1980)
Teri De Sario – Baby I Don't Want Your Love (1978)
Nasaya Feat. Janeva – No Good (2019)
High Fashion – You’re The Winner (1983)
The Spinners ‎– Got To Be Love (1981)
Melba Moore ‎– When You Love Me Like This (1985)
Starpoint – Bring Your Sweet Lovin' Back (1982)
Champaign – Can You Find The Time? (1981)
Gene Dunlap Feat. The…

Songs In Soft Focus Part 2 Bossa Nova, Easy Listening & Slow Disco

Enjoy this second part of Songs In Soft Focus! The idea behind the mix was to put together some warm tracks for chilly days. The track by Evans Pyramid is recently released by Cultures Of Soul. Next week we are going back in time with a new episode of Eddy's Eighties Grooves.


Seek – Ever After [Jiva Remix] (2013)
Jingo – You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (2011)
Claude Fontaine – Pretending He Was You (2019)
Clyb Foster – How Deep Is Your Love? (2012)
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 – Going Out Of My Head (1966)
Stereo Action Unlimited ‎– Hi Fi Trumpet (1999)
The Juju Orchestra Feat. Katia B – Nâo Posso Demorar (2007)
Sabrina Malheiros – Salve O Mar (2017)
The Bamboos Feat. Alice Russell – Bring It Home (2007)
No Logo – Party Animal (2011)
Ray Barretto – Can You Feel It (Let It Groove You) (1978)
Creative Source – Pass The Feelin' On (1975)
Bamboo – Hustlers Of Life Never Survive (1979)
Iconique – Do You Really Wanna Disco? (2019)
Evans Pyramid – Never Gonna Leave You [Joakim And …

An Exclusive Funky Chillout Mixtape

Enjoy this exclusive show that I did on Boogie Bunker Radio last Monday! Next up is a new part of Songs In Soft Focus.


The Blackbyrds – Wilford's Gone (1975)
Tei Shi Feat. Blood Orange – Even If It Hurts (2019)
El Michels Affair Feat. Lee Fields – Tearz (2017)
José Feliciano – California Dreamin’ (1968)
Marden Hill – Bardot (1996)
Edee – Make It Last (1977)
Rebecca Jean Eliott – Rock With You (2019)
José James Feat. Emily King – Heaven On The Ground (2013)
Anthony Strong – You To Me Are Everything (2019)
Cameo – Two Of Us (1978)
Jean Tonique – California (2019)
Harrison Lipton – No Good At Goodbyes (2019)
Ego Ella May – How Far (2019)
Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Love Is Love (1978)
Maynard Ferguson – Mister Mellow (1977)
Reva DeVito & Young Franco – Cali (2019)

Mellow Mellow FM Radio Presents Soft Lights & Slow Sexy Music

To celebrate 100 years of radio in the Netherlands, I made a new episode of Mellow Mellow FM Radio! Back in the 1970s dj's used to play all kinds of genres on the radio, because strict formats were not invented yet. So that's what this mix is basically about: to recreate exciting and sexy FM radio. Enjoy!

Glam rock band Mud was founded by guitarist Rob Davis and drummer Dave Mount in 1966. They formed a quartet with bass player Ray Stiles and singer Les Gray, after placing an advert in Melody Maker. They struggled for success for years, but soon after they had been discovered by producer Mickie Most during a gig, things lightened up. They were hooked up with the most successful writers and producers of that time: Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman (Sweet, Suzie Quatro). Hits followed very fast and during the mid-seventies they had several number ones all over Europe. After Mud had left Nicky Chinn & Mike Chapman and started to write their own material the hits dried up. Years la…

Best Of 70s Soul: Get Up And Dance

Enjoy this new episode of Best Of 70s Soul!

I Love Music by The O’Jays was written by legendary Philadelphian producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff and went to number one on the soul singles chart and reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100. In the UK the song peaked at number 13 on the pop chart, in March 1976. Although the track is a classic now, it did not appear on any chart in the Netherlands at the time. In fact, the only Philly group that made it big on the Dutch charts were The Three Degrees, who went to number one with Dirty Ol’ Man in 1973.

Next up is a new part of Mellow Mellow FM Radio to celebrate 100 years of radio in the Netherlands. On the 6th of November 1919 engineer Hanso Idzerda started to broadcast music to a large audience, which was not done before. He was killed by the Germans in World War II after taking away pieces of a crashed V2 missile out of curiosity.


The Emotions – I Should Be Dancing (1979)
Earth, Wind & Fire – Shining Star (1975)

Smooth Sailing: Lost In Nostalgia

On this last day of October we are a bit "lost in nostalgia" on our Smooth Sailing boat. Enjoy the trip!

In 1974, Brazilian singer Ana Mazzotti recorded her album Ninguem Vai Me Segurar. Her husband Romido Santos produced and played drums, and the supporting cast was fleshed out by members of Azymuth. At the time, the band were in their infancy, but they would go on to build a discography that defined Brazil’s samba-tinted strain of jazz-funk. Though she was musically literate from an early age, Mazzotti is not credited with any instrumentation on the album. Instead, Azymuth’s keyboardist Jose Roberto Bertrami served as an instrumentalist, arranger, and co-writer on several tracks. Recorded in Estudio Haway around the same time Azymuth cut their self-titled debut album there, it’s natural to consider the two records as accompanying pieces.

After nearly a dozen years confidently steering the S.S. Nostalgia, playing the beloved yacht rock hits of the 1970s and 1980s to packed c…

Funky Chillout Room Édition Française

I hope you will enjoy these French funky chillout tracks! I got inspired after I had I heard Le Temps Est Bon from Isabelle Pierre in a French car commercial some time ago.

French singer Véronique Sanson began her career in the 1970s and became well known in France soon. Her world turned upside down when she met Stephen Stills of Crosby Stills & Nash. One day, during a recording session in Paris, she left the studio pretending to go buy cigarettes, but never came back... She flew overnight to the USA, where she married Stephen Stills. In LA, she recorded new music with superstar composers such as Ray Parker JR and Harvey Mason, which resulted in her album Hollywood.


Ntjam Rosie – L’Amour (2010)
Nouvelle Vague – Say Hello Wave Goodbye (2009)
Serge Gainsbourg – Couleur Café (1964)
Cléa Vincent – Samba (2017)
L'impératrice – Séquences [Voilaaa Remix] (2017)
Hypnolove – La Piscine [Lewis OfMan Remix] (2016)
Bleu Toucan – Le Vent Se Lève (2019)
Vendredi Sur Mer – Chewing Gum (20…

Midnight Grooves From The Crates

Again I dug up a couple of grooves from the crates. The very obscure tracks by Grayson Street and Phoenix are from a brand new compilation, called Can You Feel It? Vol.2 Modern Soul, Disco & Boogie 1976-84. Enjoy this fresh part of Grooves From The Crates!

George Benson’s Midnight Love Affair is from his classic album Give Me The Night:
“This is the peak of George Benson's courtship of the mass market -- a superbly crafted and performed pop album with a large supporting cast -- and wouldn't you know that Quincy Jones, the master catalyst, is the producer. Q's regular team, including the prolific songwriter Rod Temperton and the brilliant engineer Bruce Swedien, is in control, and Benson's voice, caught beautifully in the rich, floating sound, had never before been put to such versatile use.”(


Grayson Street ‎– Medicine Man (1971)
Leon Ware – Words Of Love (1982)
Carter And Chanel – Midnight Love Affair (1981)
R. B. Hudmon ‎– This Could Be The Nig…

Soulful Sounds Of The Seventies & Early Eighties (Mellow Mellow FM Radio Episode)

Pop, soul and AOR, that’s the smooth sound of the classic FM airwaves. Have fun with this brand new episode of Mellow Mellow FM Radio!

When you hear Bobby Goldsboro sing the lyrics of his song Summer (The First Time), it seems to be about a great sin that's going to happen ('the sun was a demon'). Millie Jackson's interpretion of the track is more about seducing than being seduced. She 's relaxed and in control ('you try not to stare'), while Bobby Goldsboro is shaking like a leaf when the 'first time' is about to begin. Although no one seemed to care at the time, nowadays the lyrics would be considered very inappropriate ('You were 31, I was 17').

Next up is a new part of Grooves From The Crates.


John Valenti – Why Don’t We Fall In Love (1976)
Walter Jackson – It's Cool (1982)
Grover Washington, Jr. & Bill Withers – Just The Two Of Us (1980)
Ambrosia – How Much I Feel (1978)
Nicolette Larson – Give A Little (1978)
Michael McDon…

Songs in Soft Focus Part 1: Nouveau Jazzy Pop & Friday Night Bath Music

Welcome to a new series: songs in soft focus! The band Lounge FM described their music as “Friday night bath music” and I decided to make their description one of the themes of this cloudcast.

The other inspiration source of this first songs in soft focus part is Petite Meller’s 3 years old Milk Bath. The French-Israeli singer defines her music as “nouveau jazzy pop”, which is in her vision a combination of jazz, French chansons and disco (“euro trash”). I selected tracks that sound like “nouveau jazzy pop” and one from a man that inspired her, namely Serge Gainsbourg. Petite Meller recently released a new single, called Aeorplane.

Enjoy the first part of this new series! Next up is a fresh episode of Mellow Mellow FM Radio.


Googie & Tom Coppola – Broken Wings (1980)
Durand Jones & The Indications – Cruisin’ To The Park (2019)
The Sha La Das – Open My Eyes (2018)
Lounge FM – New Phone Who Dis (2019)
Club Des Belugas – Strange Things Beyond The Sunny Side (2019)

Here Comes That Sound Of 1979

When the 1970s came to a close, commercial pop, like soul/disco and yacht (soft) rock had to compete with new low-budget underground music, like new wave and hip hop. This competition seemed to give those then popular genres an extra boost to survive. Eventually, soul/disco and soft rock would lose the battle in the beginning of the 1980s, but in 1979 quality productions, big budgets and craftmanship were still leading. For instance, Earth, Wind & Fire made their masterpiece I Am with their dark disco song Boogie Wonderland (composed by Allee Willis and Jon Lind) and Donna Summer’s Bad Girls is still a classic today. Let’s go back 40 years in time and enjoy that sound of 1979!
"The Sugarhill Gang changed Hip Hop forever when they released “Rapper’s Delight” on September 16, 1979. Produced by Sylvia Robinson, the single is credited as introducing Hip Hop to a mainstream audience."(Hiphopdx)

The tragedy of The Jones Girls was that they made quality disco in an era when the …

Smooth Sailing: Sweet September Sadness

In these last days of September we are sailing away from the summer and moving straight into the autumn… Enjoy this slightly melancholic Smooth Sailing trip!

Year of the Cat, the seventh studio album by British singer Al Stewart, was produced and engineered by Alan Parsons, who would later become known for his Alan Parsons Project. The title track, described by AllMusic as "one of those 'mysterious woman' songs", peaked at #8 on the Billboard singles chart in the spring of 1977. The other single from the album, On the Border, can be heard on this cloudcast. According to the singer the lyrics are about “the decline and fall of the British empire”. The first lines are about Basque freedom fighters:
“The fishing boats go out across the evening water
Smuggling guns and arms across the Spanish border
The wind whips up the waves so loud
The ghost moon sails among the clouds

Turns the rifles into silver on the border” The song reached #42 in the United States and #5 in the N…

Smooth Sailing: More Late Summer Softness

We are lowering the sails and going back to the harbor, and saying goodbye to the warm summer of 2019 for the last time. Enjoy this exclusive Smooth Sailing trip!


Ralph MacDonald – It Feels So Good (1978)
Attitudes – Sweet Summer Music (1976)
Marc Jordan – Beautiful People (1979)
Cecilio & Kapono – Have You Ever Had That Feelin' (1977)
Minnie Riperton – Love Hurts (1979)
Aura – Let’s Go, It’s Over (1979)
State Cows – Human Ladders (2019)
Sons Of Champlin – You (1976)
Burt Bacharach – Touch (1981)
James Taylor ‎– Woman's Gotta Have It (1976)
Louis Lake – Tropical Nights (2015)
Brecker Brothers – As Long As I’ve Got Your Love (1977)
McGuinn, Clark & Hillman – Don’t You Write Her Off (1979)

Smooth Sailing: Late Summer Softness

Let’s say goodbye to the summer of 2019 with some late summer softness…

Drummer/guitarist Leroy Bell met guitarist/bassist/keyboardist Casey James while both were members of Philadelphia band Special Blend. After the band disbanded, the duo began a songwriting partnership. With help from Bell's uncle, Philly soul producer Thom Bell, they started writing songs for Philadelphia International Records (The O'Jays, MFSB, Teddy Pendergrass, Elton John). In early 1978 they were signed to A&M and recorded hits like Livin' It Up (Friday Night) and You Never Know What You've Got. Both singles were from their 1978 self-titled debut album, just like Don’t Let The Man Get You that I selected for this cloudcast. On the album played MFSB, the house orchestra of Philadelphia International. Their second album was Only Make Believe, which spawned the R&B charting singles Shakedown and Only Make Believe. Bell & James would record one more album in 1981. After parting ways, b…

Eddy’s Eighties Grooves Part 27: Nu Disco Pop

Enjoy this brand new part of Eddy's Eighties Grooves! It's disco pop from, but mostly inspired by the 1980s. I chose to play some old school tracks as well to show you the similarities with the ones that were made 30 years later. Pay special attention to the track by Skylephant that sounds a bit like New Order in their heyday.

Don't forget to listen to Sunshine 70s on KX Classics this Saturday from 20.00 to 21.00 hrs CET. It's an episode I made with Martijn Soetens (the Smooth Operators). We selected lots of great tracks from the golden era of pop!
"All the memories of you, they bleach with the sunshine..."Next up is a new episode of Smooth Sailing.


Fragile ‎– We've Got Tonight, Boy (1986)
Le Flex & Ali Rose – Take Good Care Of My Heart (2019)
FM-84 Feat. Ollie Wride – Never Stop (2017)
Michael Sembello ‎– Maniac (1983)
Brandon (Feat. SJBRAVO) – She's On Fire (2018)
Giorgio Moroder & Philip Oakey ‎– Together In Electric Dreams (1984)

Mellow Mellow FM Radio 10th Anniversary Episode: Easy Breeze Soul, Pop & Rock

In this special episode of Mellow Mellow FM Radio I celebrate my 10th anniversary on Mixcloud. I selected songs from the genres I like the most, so it goes from rock ‘n’ roll to yacht rock and from sunshine pop to Motown soul. It is all in there! This 10th anniversary mix is also a tribute to the power of radio, like Radio Veronica that introduced me to pop music back in the day. On the 31st of August it will be exactly 45 years ago that Radio Veronica, an offshore pirate radio station near the Dutch coast was forced to shut down. Big inspirations for this cloudcast were Quentin Tarantino's new movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (go and see it!) and the Sunshine 70s series by Martijn Soetens on KX Classics (Saturdays from 20.00 to 21.00 hrs CET). Quentin Tarantino uses lots of wonderful West Coast radio samples in his movie and he has selected some quality songs as well, like the ones from Dee Clark and Neil Diamond:
“Hot August night and the leaves hanging down”Enjoy and let’s m…

Dancer! (Disco, Deephouse & Downtempo)

This time I want to share this exclusive Boogie Bunker Radio episode. Don’t forget to listen to my show Mondays from 12.00-13.00 CET and to quote Horse Meat Disco:
“Baby, let’s go dancing!”By the way, I'm looking forward to the movie Last Christmas with music from George Michael and Wham!

Next time we are going to celebrate my 10th anniversary on Mixcloud with a special episode of Mellow Mellow Radio.



The APX – Can’t Stop Us Now (2019)
Chemise – She Can't Love You (1982)
Gino Soccio ‎– Dancer (1979)
Giorgio Moroder ‎– I Wanna Rock You [Thee Maddkatt Mix] (1999)
Touch – Love Hangover (1977)
Nick Heyward ‎– Love All Day (And Night) (1984)
The Sonnets – Blue Train (2010)
Wham! – Everything She Wants (1984)
Choklate ‎– Break My Heart (2011)
Chas Jankel – Questionnaire (1981)
King Britt Presents Sylk 130 Feat. Alma Horton ‎– Happiness [Soul Dhamma Remix] (2000)
Tuxedo – The Tuxedo Way (2019)
Yung Bae – Start From Nothing (2019)
Everything But The Girl – Missing [Todd Terry Remi…

Funky Chill Out Room: Endless Summer Edition

The recipe for this summer cocktail served in my funky chill out room, is a mix of contemporary laidback soul with Latin lounge to give you that sun kissed feeling. Enjoy the endless summer!

One of the tracks is from Brazilian band Azymuth. They recently released their early demos (1973-1975) on Bandcamp:
“They stood out for both their exceptional musical talent, as their wild rock‘n’roll antics in the predominantly middle-class worlds of bossa nova and jazz.”
The crowd sample 'no rain, no rain' that Bonobo uses in Kota is from the Woodstock Festival that took place exactly 50 years ago (15 - 18 August 1969).


The Vapor Caves – Endless Summer (2019)
Bryony Jarman-Pinto – Sun Kissed (2019)
Lou’Ana – Summer In May (2019)
Azymuth – New Dawn (2009)
Bonobo – Kota (2001)
Marcos Valle – Alma (2019)
Balanço ‎– Metti Una Sera A Cena [Jazzanova Remix] (1999)
George Duke – Cravo E Canela (1979)
Leon Ware – Can I Touch You There? (1982)
George Michael & Astrud Gilberto – Desafinado (1…

Mellow Mellow FM Radio: Sunny Pop, Slow Disco & Smooth Soul

Patti Austin, who sings her duet Baby Come To Me with James Ingram on this cloudcast, blew out 69 candles on her birthday August 10. Apart from her solo career and her work with Quincy Jones, she provided background vocals on Steely Dan’s Time Out of Mind, Bill LaBounty’s Livin’ It Up, and George Benson’s Give Me the Night. Baby, Come to Me, her duet with James Ingram (who sadly passed away in January), was written by Rod Temperton (known for his work with Heatwave and Michael Jackson). The song was released as a single in April 1982, peaking at #73 on the Billboard Hot 100. Several months later, American soap opera General Hospital began to feature the song heavily as the love theme for character Luke Spencer. It was re-released in October and reached #1 on the American pop chart in February 1983 and #5 in the Netherlands a few weeks later.

Enjoy sunny pop, slow disco & smooth soul on Mellow Mellow FM Radio!


Greg Smaha – Sunshine (1979)
The Pendletons – Life To Me (201…

Under The Boardwalk: Sixties Soul & AM Pop

Enjoy my tribute to the powerful sound of AM radio (1960-1975)! It's music I don't usually play on Mixcloud, because normally my journey starts around the mid-seventies.

At the beginning of the sixties, AM radio was by far the dominant format. Pop music, like the powerful sound of Motown, sounded best on small portable mono radios and in Europe this type of music was mainly played by pirate stations near the Dutch and British coast. Around the mid-seventies stereo hifi-equipment replaced the transistor radio and pirate stations disappeared one by one due to government decisions. FM radio stations were willing to play album tracks and longer songs in better sound quality. AM stations, dealing with an inferior sound quality, were more tightly programmed, singles-oriented and dj's played the sort of bubblegum pop that has since become synonymous with the era (1960-1975).

This mix also refers to the so called beach music of the late fifties, sixties and early seventies. This ty…

Late Night Summer Groove

Just sit back and relax on a warm summer night… One of the tracks is Music Of The Earth by Patrice Rushen, which can also be found on the new compilation You Remind Me (The Classic Elektra Recordings 1978-1984):
“A child prodigy gifted with a honey-dipped voice, Rushen was already a sought-after musician in the late ‘70s when Elektra/Asylum came calling. You Remind Me (The Classic Elektra Recordings 1978-1984) showcases and celebrates her freewheeling soul sound. Alongside labelmates and fellow visionaries like Donald Byrd and Grover Washington, Jr., she took soul into less rigid and earnest territory, mixing in pop-friendly melodies and rhythms, and even a dash of new wave.”Tracklist:

The Pendletons Feat. Howard Johnson ‎– You Do You (2019)
Samuel Jonathan Johnson – Sweet Love (1978)
Valerie Carter – Da Doo Rendezvous (1978)
William DeVaughn ‎– Be Thankful For What You've Got (1980)
The Love Unlimited Orchestra ‎– Midnight Groove (1975)
Ramsey Lewis Feat. Earth, Wind & Fire – Sun G…

Smooth Sailing: Chillout Pop, Laidback Disco & Yacht Rock

This is the hottest summer ever in the Netherlands, so the only place you can properly chill out is at the beach… The opening track is by party pop duo More Giraffes. Surf is their version of a summer anthem. On C-Heads Magazine they tell about the song:
“We started this song with the chorus, which was so simple and perfect to us. We love imagining characters and creating vignettes in our songs, so we wrote the verses about someone leaving the material world behind to live their best life oceanside, chilling with dolphins and drinking negronis with turtles. More than anything it’s about self love."In the BBC4 series I can go for that: the smooth world of yacht rock Katie Puckrik argues that the pure Yacht sound was born in 1976 when seasoned session musician Michael McDonald joined The Doobie Brothers.
"Alongside The Doobies’ mellow tracks, Steely Dan and Hall & Oates also delivered perfect studio-engineered productions that remain as escapist and indulgent a listen today…