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Hello… It's Me Again

This mix is inspired by the best performance of Donna Summer ever, when she sang 'The Hostage' on Dutch TV-show Van Oekel's Discohoek in 1974. It paved the way to international success. Donna introduces my new cloudcast when she picks up the phone, followed by a wonderful Todd Rundgren composition, sung by the legendary Isley Brothers. This mix is a follow-up to Hello, It's Me that I made two years ago. And no, 'Hello' from Lionel Richie is not one of the chosen songs... ;-)

Enjoy this telephone call!


The Isley Brothers – Hello It’s Me (1974)
Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators – Delete My Number (2013)
Syleena Johsnon – And Then… (Interlude) (2000)
Carolyne Bernier – Hold Me, Touch Me (1977)
Billy Griffin – Romantic Number (1996)
The Super-Phonics – Dial L For Love (2005)
Eberhard Schoener ‎– Why Don't You Answer (1985)
Andrea True Connection ‎– What's Your Name, What's Your Number (1977)
Bromar – Call Me Up (1985)
Surface – Happy (1986)

Disco Dynamite! Non-Stop Hits For Dancing

Detroit R&B and soul group The Fantastic Four were formed in 1965. "Sweet" James Epps, Ralph and Joseph Pruitt, and Wallace Childs were the original members. Childs and Ralph Pruitt later departed, and were replaced by Cleveland Horne and Ernest Newsome. Their first single on Ric-Tic, "The Whole World Is a Stage," was their lone huge hit, peaking at number 6 on the R&B charts in 1967. Their next superb release, "You Gave Me Something (And Everything's Alright)," reached number 12 that same year. Before the Motown takeover of Ric-Tic, The Fantastic Four were the label's biggest-selling act, outselling Edwin Starr.

They enjoyed renewed appeal during the disco era with some singles on Westbound that were moderately successful, among them "Alvin Stone (The Birth & Death of a Gangster)" and "I Got to Have Your Love." Dennis Coffey produced "B.Y.O.F. (Bring Your Own Funk)" in 1979, but didn't have much luck …

Groovy, Sexy & Soulful XX Valentine’s Edition

What better reason to play the lovely new single from Alison Valentine (picture left) on this Valentine’s edition of Groovy, Sexy & Soulful? ;-) This is what Electronic Rumours has to say about the track:
"Warm Winter’s Day, is a perfect example of inviting R&B flavoured ElectroPop. Imbued with that Chillwavey air so often found in New York’s ElectroPop output, reverby beats and toy town synths dance playfully about the track while Alison provides an intimate, personal performance. This would have made an awesome X-Mas single, but a month later it still delivers a warming electronic cheer." And this is what Derek’s Daily wrote on the 27th of December 2012, the day after the death of magnificent soul singer Fontella Bass (picture right):
"With the passing of yet another one of the greats, it drives home the fact that we are so lucky to have this music. Fontella Bass was one of THE greatest voices of the '60's; may her music live on always. While Fontella n…

Black Gold From The Capitol Vaults

I went down to the vaults from Capitol Records and digged these tunes up! ;-) Some were easy catches, others were more hard to find. The Capitol Records Company was founded by songwriter Johnny Mercer in 1942, with the financial help of fellow songwriter and film producer Buddy DeSylva and the business acumen of Glenn Wallichs (1910–1971), owner of Music City, at the time the biggest record store in Los Angeles. The 1950s were very successful with artists like Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra and Shirley Bassey. Capitol began the 1960s with a stable of whitebread hitmakers such as The Kingston Trio (who in 1960 would account for 20 per cent of all record sales for Capitol), The Four Preps and The Four Freshmen, along with a revolving door of teens, TV stars and novelty acts. Thankfully, that all changed around 1962/1963. First with the arrival of surf music (The Beach Boys), and then with the British Invasion (The Beatles). Simultaneously, Capitol was also producing top-notch soul music f…