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Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 49 Mr. Mellow Edition

For this ‘Groovy, sexy and soulful’ part I created the character of Mr. Mellow, based on the Maynard Ferguson track. Mr. Mellow’s music is surely headache proof and as radio-friendly as possible! Mr. Mellow likes to combine all kinds of mellow music: mellow pop, mellow rock, mellow soul, mellow jazz, mellow blues, mellow country, mellow indie etc. etc. As long as it’s mellow! Perhaps the best description for this mix might be ‘jazz pop’ in all its facets. The kings of the genre are Steely Dan, of course.

‘Love light’ is from Angela Bofill’s third album ‘Something about you’ (1981). She enjoyed surprising commercial success with her first two albums, ‘Angie’ and ‘Angel of the Night’, produced by contemporary jazz executives Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen for their GRP label, distributed by Arista. She then jumped to Arista proper (causing some bad blood with GRP) to try for a deliberate jazz-pop crossover on her third album, which was produced by Narada Michael Walden and shepherded by Ari…

Smooth Sailing: Beach Vibes & Soulful Sounds

The track by Wild Fire is from the compilation Tropical Disco Hustle Volume 2. It is an album full of rare disco tunes that all have a Caribbean flavour. This volume includes songs from Trinidad and Jamaica, but also from St. Lucia and Guadeloupe. Out on Cultures Of Soul on the 15th of May.

After the Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds compilation, Favorite Recordings follows-up with the concept, this time focusing on its homeland language. Digging into the mysterious Charles Maurice’s vinyl collection, the label and the DJ extracted 10 amazing hidden dancefloor hits, all produced between 1975 and 1984 within the French music scene. One of them is by Canadian trio Toulouse, who sound like The Emotions singing French…

In 1970 British quartet The Real Thing began by covering and remaking popular American soul recordings, and experienced payback when Frankie Valli and others covered their number one British hit 'You to Me Are Everything.' The song was a minor hit in the U.S, because of…

Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 48 Seventies Soul Edition

When I read that ‘If you want it’ by Niteflyte would be on the next ‘Too Slow To Disco’ compilation, I wanted to build a mix around that song and this is the result!

DJ Supermarkt wrote these linernotes on ‘Too Slow To Disco 2' about Niteflyte:

"Niteflyte was a project for soul singer Howard Johnson and Sandy Torano, a session guitarist and producer for bands like The Commodores. Together they released only two albums but managed to have a hit with „If you want it“. They assembled an impressive company of musicians to play on their albums, including Phyllis Hyman, Billy Swan, and Michael and Randy Brecker. Howard Johnson later also had a solo career, releasing several albums on A&M." (Quote: Too Slow To Disco Volume 2)

Enjoy this Seventies Soul edition of ‘Groovy, sexy and soulful’!


Barry White – I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More, Baby (1973)
Wood, Brass & Steel – Always There (1976)
Ramp – Daylight (1977)
Niteflyte – If You Want It (1979)

Boombox 11 Hip Hop & Funky Electropop

'Evening star' is the latest track LA based band Cannons has to offer, and it is sure to hook fans into their dream-like electronic-pop aesthetic as it’s perhaps their best effort to date. The production on the piece is teeming with creativity, and with the bewitching lead vocals of Michelle Joy setting the tone on it, there’s no question the sound will be one long-lasting for those who come across it.

Voltaire Twins is a brother/sister synth-pop duo from Australia. Their debut album is coming very soon... You can download their single 'Long weekend' for free on and don't forget to watch their steamy video 'Solaris'!

'Baby love' by Petite Meller will be released in June... The closing track is the first single from the new Chromatics album 'Dear Tommy' that will be out on Italians Do It Better soon. Their claim to fame was the soundtrack to the movie ‘Drive’, of course.

By the way, …