Boombox 11 Hip Hop & Funky Electropop

'Evening star' is the latest track LA based band Cannons has to offer, and it is sure to hook fans into their dream-like electronic-pop aesthetic as it’s perhaps their best effort to date. The production on the piece is teeming with creativity, and with the bewitching lead vocals of Michelle Joy setting the tone on it, there’s no question the sound will be one long-lasting for those who come across it.

Voltaire Twins is a brother/sister synth-pop duo from Australia. Their debut album is coming very soon... You can download their single 'Long weekend' for free on and don't forget to watch their steamy video 'Solaris'!

'Baby love' by Petite Meller will be released in June... The closing track is the first single from the new Chromatics album 'Dear Tommy' that will be out on Italians Do It Better soon. Their claim to fame was the soundtrack to the movie ‘Drive’, of course.

By the way, Vaneese Thomas is a daughter of singer Rufus Thomas ('Funky chicken'), sister of Carla Thomas ('B.A.B.Y.') and one half of duo Vaneese & Carolyn that I played a few weeks ago on 'Groovy, Sexy & Soulful part 47'.

Enjoy the 11th part of Boombox!


Cannons – Evening Star (2015)
Kanye West – See You In My Nightmares (2008)
Magnum Force – Cool Out (1984)
Larry Harris – Throw Down (1983)
Tuxedo – Roll Along (2015)
KoKo-PoP – I'm In Love With You (1983)
Vaneese Thomas – Love In Your Eyes (1987)
Donna Summer ‎– (If It) Hurts Just A Little [Kharrington Fairweather Remix] (1982)
Soulpersona & Princess Freesia – I Will Be With You (2015)
Falcon Punch – Square One (2015)
Kut Funk – Free Cycles (2015)
Petite Meller – Baby Love (2015)
Scritti Politti – Absolute (1984)
Shannon – Give Me Tonight (1984)
Armed Gang – Love Shot (1983)
Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five – White Lines (Don’t Do It) (1983)
Voltaire Twins – Long Weekend (2015)
Chromatics – Just Like You (2015)


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