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Steamy Soul Funk & Disco Part 4

Enjoy this 4th part of Steamy Soul Funk And Disco! 'Steamy' means two things in this case. First of all that there are a lot of horns in this mix and secondly that the mix is so energetic that steam is coming off! :-) One of the tracks is 'When love is new' by Arthur Prysock:
"In 1976, when All My Life was battling it out in the charts between Wings At The Speed Of Sound and Alice Cooper Goes To Hell, Arthur Prysock was in his early 40s (no bad place to be, ahem) and had grown into quite the showman. As a parallel to his recording career he was also the singing spokesman for Lowenbrau beer and it was that dual role that drove one of the biggest hits of his career, When Love Is New. A proto-disco anthem, it’s a little bit Barry White and a little bit end-of-the-pier and it features a brace of rattling bongos, a swell of strings and a gloriously wailing sax solo. Produced by John Davis (the Sigma Sound man responsible for Massive Attack’s beloved Be Thankful For What…

Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 37 Erotic Edition

Enjoy this 37th edition of ‘Groovy, sexy & soulful’! Most of the tracks have an erotic connotation, like the second track by Imagination. They were a trio from the U.K. that put a synthesized and often clubby spin on soul groups from the '70s. In fact, a couple of '70s groups have direct ties to Imagination; Leee John and Ashley Ingram spent time during that decade playing supportive roles in the Delfonics and Chairmen of the Board, prior to Imagination's formation. Along with drummer Errol Kennedy, vocalist John and bassist Ingram formed the group in 1981. By the end of that year, they already had their first album released and a minor hit in the form of that album's title track, "Body Talk." The group's second album, 1982's In the Heat of the Night, was their most successful, spawning a trio of U.S. R&B chart hits in the form of "Just an Illusion" (number 27), "Music and Lights" (number 52), and "Changes" (numbe…

Smooth Sailing: Lowering The Sails & Waving Goodbye

Enjoy this season's final part of Smooth Sailing! The closing track is by go nogo. Since 2012, go nogo have released a string of single tracks, which in the company of many assorted remixers have gained wide recognition. In many cases special collaborators, like Acid Washed, Skatebard, Kaito or Woolfy contributed versions, which were more than supportive for the original tunes. Eric Schemer and Fred Scholl have now decided, that the time has come to let five originals speak for themselves on the EP 'New folks':
"Let It Show is lyrically rather introspective. It lights up the inner conflict of a person who's constantly surrounded by people showing-off to get other people's attention. Hopeless of being recognized at all, he's giving himself to procrastination and withdraws from the world. Musically, the tune has a great variety of guitar sounds, from a bluesy slide to the sixty-ish jingle-jangle and the wall of sound of the appendix - this is Eric's trip.…

Disco Ball Of Pleasure

You're invited to my disco ball of pleasure! I started working on this mix after hearing the relaxed, Latin inspired 'Summer vibes' from Justeza that I discovered on Soundcloud. I wanted to do a similar chillout mix, but with a personal 'Professor Eddy' touch, so I added dance and disco influences. The final result is some kind of 'chillout disco' mix. A track that builds a bridge between the chillout and disco part is 'Gotta hustle on' from Latin percussionist Willie Bob:

"This track took his percussion work into the proto-disco era in a VERY appealing way. On top of a relentless groove, the percussion drives HARD on top of a very jazzy piano (which reminds me a whole lot of Willie Tee's playing), a spaced out guitar and electric piano, and superb horns. From 1974..."
(Quote: Derek Daily's 45)

I don't know what to think about the name Albert's Negrita... It sounds horrible... (however, their song 'That's the ball&…