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Hot Classic Rock by The Smooth Operators

Classic rock is a radio format which developed from the album-oriented rock (AOR) format in the early 1980s. In the United States, the classic rock format features music ranging generally from the mid-1960s to the late 1980s, primarily focusing on commercially successful hard rock popularized in the 1970s.

The Smooth Operators emphasize the melodic or pop/rock side of the genre. The tracks we chose are tightly constructed, with no wasted space or prolonged detours from the melodic hooks. The production of the songs is clean, polished, and bright, making full use of the advances in recording technology and technique. In the 1990s, pop/rock became largely the province of well-established veterans, as alternative rock, urban R&B, hip-hop, and teen pop took over the pop charts to the exclusion of most everything else.


Roxy Music – Dance Away (1979)
Al Stewart – If It Doesn’t Come Naturally, Leave It (1976)
Jeff Harrington – Kristi (1975)
Heart – Dreamboat Annie (1976)
Dane Dono…

Smooth Sailing: Folk Funk & Funky Chill

The sub-genre is officially called folk funk, but I think soulful folk is a better description, because there are just a few snippets of funk in this music style. As the 1960s melted into the ’70s in a colourful swirl of musical possibility, bands and singer-songwriters were experimenting with newfound freedoms. The psychedelic era had brought about many changes and much political upheaval in its wake. Discrete genres became fluid. Many acts fused different sounds together. Rock would meet jazz. Soul was mixed with psychedelia. In this fertile environment the somewhat vague yet highly prized form of folk funk emerged. Names that are synonymous with the genre are Bill Withers, Minnie Riperton and more recently the wonderful Kadhja Bonet. Her album Child Queen will be released June 8, 2018.
Aside from also being an awesome pro wrestler name, “Shadow Captain” is one of several songs that David Crosby wrote after waking up in the middle of the night. Kind of makes you wonder if he wrote th…

AOR Radio: Soft Rock, Easy Listening & Quiet Storm

Enjoy this new part of AOR Radio! The soft orchestrated sounds of easy listening for those who were not into rock that much were most successful during the 1960s and early 1970s. By then the fusion of folk-rock, country-rock, and singer-songwriter music had produced the Californian soft rock format, which was just rhythmic and rock-like enough to win over a new generation of easy listeners. Well-crafted and radio friendly soft rock consequently dominated the air waves throughout the 1970s and eventually metamorphosed into the synthesized music of adult contemporary in the 1980s. Next up is a new episode of Smooth Sailing!

"Easy Listening was almost entirely about great sweeping washes of melody"(Robert Fontenot)

Quiet storm is a radio format and a "super genre" of contemporary R&B, jazz fusion and pop music that is characterized by understated, mellow dynamics, slow tempos, and relaxed rhythms. It was pioneered in the mid-1970s by Melvin Lindsey, while he was an…

Professor Eddy’s Old School Disco Show

This Boogie Bunker Radio mix is built around I love to love by Tina Charles. It is the key track in the excellent Netflix detective series River. Producer Biddu was inspired by Rock the boat from The Hues Corporation (off-beat tom tom) and George McCrae’s Rock Your Baby (rhythm box). Three of the musicians on the record, Tina's boyfriend Trevor Horn, Geoffrey Downes and Bruce Woolley would later start The Buggles and have a worldwide hit with Video killed the radio star.

I played 'I Love to Love' to the record company and the guy said, 'It's okay.' Then he played the flip-side, 'Disco Fever', and he said, 'The disco scene is starting to happen, and we have a song called "Disco Fever"; what more do you need?' I said, 'No way, the other song sounds like a number one.' He said, 'I'll bring out "I Love to Love"; we'll give it four weeks.' We brought it out and within four weeks it was #1. I asked myself, &#…

Smooth Sailing: Seventies Moods & Chillout Grooves

Russian saxophonist André Solomko has been featured on Favorite Recordings before, delivering a couple of albums that cheerily riffed on smooth jazz and '80s jazz-funk. He's flipped the script on this return to the noted French label, laying down a righteous slab of club-ready disco-funk with noted Afro-disco influences. Naturally, Solomko's killer saxophone solos take pride of place on Le Premier Disco Sans Toi, rising above a groovy backing track rich in jaunty Clavinet riffs and William Onyeabor style Moog flourishes. His album Le Deltaplane is out on May 7.

Phenomenal bass player Louis Johnson, who passed away on May 21st 2015, was one half of the Brothers Johnson, of course, but he was a much sought session player too. For example, he was the one who played bass on Billy Jean by Michael Jackson and he was also the guy who played that distinctive bass part on I Keep Forgettin' by Michael McDonald. The intros on both records are copied and sampled many times, but L…