AOR Radio: Soft Rock, Easy Listening & Quiet Storm

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Enjoy this new part of AOR Radio! The soft orchestrated sounds of easy listening for those who were not into rock that much were most successful during the 1960s and early 1970s. By then the fusion of folk-rock, country-rock, and singer-songwriter music had produced the Californian soft rock format, which was just rhythmic and rock-like enough to win over a new generation of easy listeners. Well-crafted and radio friendly soft rock consequently dominated the air waves throughout the 1970s and eventually metamorphosed into the synthesized music of adult contemporary in the 1980s. Next up is a new episode of Smooth Sailing!

"Easy Listening was almost entirely about great sweeping washes of melody"
(Robert Fontenot)

Quiet storm is a radio format and a "super genre" of contemporary R&B, jazz fusion and pop music that is characterized by understated, mellow dynamics, slow tempos, and relaxed rhythms. It was pioneered in the mid-1970s by Melvin Lindsey, while he was an intern at the Washington, D.C. radio station WHUR-FM. This format was named after Smokey Robinson's 1976 album A Quiet Storm.

Tracklist "AOR Radio: Soft Rock, Easy Listening & Quiet Storm":

Ed Motta – AOR On The Radio (2013)
Pointer Sisters – I Need You (1983)
Nicolette Larson – Lotta Love (1978)
Linda Ronstadt ‎– It's So Easy (1977)
Steve Miller Band ‎– Abracadabra (1982)
Doobie Brothers – Minute By Minute (1978)
Smokey Robinson – Cruisin’ (1979)
Commodores – Easy (1977)
Johnny Mathis & Deniece Williams ‎– Too Much Too Little Too Late (1978)
Honey Cone ‎– Sittin' On A Time Bomb (Waitin' For The Hurt To Come) (1972)
Cate Bros. – I Can’t Give Up (1977)
Larry Carlton – I Apologize (1978)
Joel Sarakula – Understanding (2018)
Violetta Zironi – Toast (2017)
American Gypsy – Lady Eleanor (1974)
Valerie Carter – Crazy (1978)
Larry John McNally – Sleep On It (1981)
Pages – Who’s Right Who's Wrong (1979)
Amy Holland – Here In The Light (1980)
James Felix – Open Up (1980)
Eric Tagg – No One There (1982)
Wilson Brothers – Take Me To Your Heaven (1979)
Couchois – Walkin’ The Fence (1979)


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