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Put On Your Boogie Shoes!

This mix was inspired by ‘Nobody Puts Disco In A Corner’, a fantastic mix from Labellerouge and the video of ‘2 AM’ from Heim and Human League singer Philip Oakey. If you listen to the first one and watch the second one you will understand what I mean! ;-)

I don’t play music of German lips-sync act Boney M very often (although I like ‘Daddy Cool’ a lot), but when I heard two edits of ‘Rasputin’ (‘Russia’s greatest love machine…’), an extended one from Schratchandsniff and a reworked version from Ashley Feraude, I decided to make a version of my own. I used the original intro from Cozy Powell’s ‘Dance with the devil’ instead of the poor rip off from German producer/con man Frank Farian. Then I combined the versions of Scratchandsniff and Ashley Feraude to finish it off.

Enjoy! Picture below from Tracy Toler.


Side Effect – Dancin’ Shoes (1975)
Wilton Place Street Band – Baby Love, Sweet Sweet Love (1977)
BT Express – Can’t Stop Groovin’ Now (1976)
Cozy Powell – Dance With The D…

Celebrating the Best of 2012 on Mixcloud!

Mixcloud just launched their Best of 2012 charts and I am delighted to be number 51 in this year's Top 100 Music Cloudcasters, alongside some of the world's best music radio and club dj's from 2012! I'm just behind Fatboy Slim, Benny Benassi and Paul Oakenfold, to name a few big names... ;-)

Mixcloud's mission is to deliver great radio, for everyone. Every day thousands of people upload their Podcasts, radio shows or DJ mixes and connect with hundreds of thousands of listeners from all over the world.

2012 was an incredible year for music and radio with well over a million Cloudcasts uploaded to Mixcloud, so I'm very proud to be in the Top 100. Thank you to all my listeners!

If you're not already, you can follow me here on Mixcloud.

Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 19

Enjoy part 19 of the series! Check out ‘Remixes and b-sides’ from Baron von Luxxury:
“Songs from Baron von Luxxury's soon-to-be classic 2012 album ‘The Last Seduction’ (Manimal Vinyl) get the rework treatment from Loose Shus, Keenhouse, Chrissy Murderbot and more. Includes the haunting bonus B-side ‘Where The Magic Happens’ featuring a smooth, Steely Dan-like guitar solo from teenage prodigy D/A/D.”Best album of 2012 for me: ‘Kill for love’ from dark nu-disco/electro band Chromatics. All songs are great, especially ‘Candy’, although it sounds a bit like ‘Joey’ from Concrete Blonde. Most sexy video of 2012: ‘When the night’ from Para One. Most sexy video of 2013 so far: ‘A little death’ from the Neighbourhood. And the most funny quote in the mix is from Bunny Sigler:
"I like to funk you, eh, eh, maybe up against the wall…"I like the song from Positive Flow, by the way. They sound like Rotary Connection with the legendary Minnie Riperton as a singer. She's the woman on…

Driving Souls & Funky Cars

One of the best movies of this millennium so far is without any doubt 'Drive’ from Nicolas Winding Refn, starring a sensational Ryan Gosling. He is also one of key characters in ‘Gangster squad’ and is working on 'Only God forgives', again with Nicolas Winding Refn. In 'Drive' Gosling (picture left) plays a getaway and stunt driver who is in love with his married neighbour, which is a guarantee for trouble and the start of his downfall… The movie inspired me to make this cloudcast. Only the track from College is actually on the (superb!) soundtrack, but some of the songs have the same electro feel (which you can call some kind of ‘machine soul’). A guilty pleasure that didn't fit the mix, but that I like anyway is ‘Geronimo's cadillac’ from Modern Talking. For some strange reason I like that guy with the Nora necklace... The picture below is from the movie ‘Hit Man’ with the wonderful Pam Grier and Bernie Casey.

By the way, one of my favourite tracks of t…

Cool Down… After Party!

A small after party (ending up sleeping in the hallway...), following the new beginning of 2013 disco party last week. Enjoy! Picture from Poolside. Poolside began in early 2011 as the recording project of Los Angeles musicians Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise. Nikolic was a Danish-born producer and DJ who spent some time as the bass player in Junior Senior before relocating to LA and Paradise lived in San Francisco playing out as a DJ and as the frontman of hardcore band the Calculators before also moving to LA. Duo members Nikolic and Paradise began honing their collaborative creations in a pool house that they converted into a makeshift recording studio, producing sunny tracks of subaquatic indie dance music. The group surfaced first in the form of a YouTube video for the catchy track ‘Do you believe?’.

Poolside were soon gaining local and national attention, with underground DJs spinning their tracks at events and a growing online following. Throughout 2011 they made waves with …

Beginning Of 2013 Disco Party!

Best wishes! Here’s my beginning of 2013 disco party to celebrate the new year (lasting exactly 2.0 hours and 13 minutes and containing 2.0 times 13 songs…). ‘Wanna party ‘til the morning light’, to quote the Brothers Johnson! One of the tracks is from British band Hot Chocolate. In 1970 Hot Chocolate, with Errol Brown (picture left) as lead singer, released their first record entitled, ‘Love is Life’ which reached number 6 on the British charts. This was the start of a fifteen year career for the group who amassed a total of over 30 hits and also became the only group in the UK to have a hit for fifteen consecutive years. Brown's bald headed charismatic image and unique voice being the central focus of the group along with a great song writing talent that saw him pen such pop classics as ‘Emma’, ‘You Sexy Thing’ and ‘Everyone's a Winner’ (to be found on Discokicks!). 'Making music’ was on their album ‘Cicero Park’ and the B-side to ‘Disco queen’. Enjoy! Picture below from…