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Soulful Thrill & Funky Chill

A little bit of this and a little bit of that, but always in a funky, relaxed mood, that’s what funky chill basically is. I’m glad to put a track in from the latest album by Bryan Ferry. Just like soul singer Maxwell, I’m a huge fan of his work, especially of his output from the late seventies to the mid-eighties. His new album ‘Olympia’ refers to his best period and again Nile Rodgers (Chic) plays guitar. Have a listen, if you can. Speaking of good albums, thanks to DJ Dazler for sending me a copy of ‘Lost in time’ from Eric Benét. His tribute to seventies soul is probably the best album of 2010. The fantastic new one from Drop Out Orchestra came out last week. And there are no Christmas records in the tracklist, I guarantee it! :-) So enjoy! The couple on the left are Peaches & Herb.


Martin Denny – Jungle Madness (1958)
Cal Tjader – Morning (1972)
Sylvia – Sweet Stuff (1974)
Bobbi Humphrey – Fancy Dancer (1975)
The Blackbyrds – Supernatural Feeling (1977)
Odyssey – Use It U…

Saturday Night Christmas Special

It will be a funky Christmas weekend this year, so enjoy! If the song from Sylvia (Robinson) sounds familiar, it was sampled by Moby on his album ‘18’ in 2002. After her singing career Sylvia (one half of Mickey & Sylvia, known for ‘Love is strange’) became co-founder of Sugar Hill Records, which brought us Sugarhill Gang’s ‘Rapper’s’ Delight’ and many more very cool early hip hop tracks!

Don’t forget to check (and download) my new (explicit) Euro Disco Mix on Podomatic, in association with For Disco Play Only. It’s available on iTunes as well. Have yourself a merry Christmas!

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The Whispers – Funky Christmas (1979)
Kurtis Blow – Christmas Rappin’ (1979)
Norman Connors - Saturday Night Special (1975)
Zoom – Saturday, Saturday Night (1981)
T-Connection – Saturday Night (1979)
The Stylistics – Funky Weekend (1975)
Earth, Wind & Fire – Saturday Nite (1976)
David Morris – Saturday Night (1982)
Phreek – Weekend (1978)
Cherrelle & A…

Funky Chill On A Sunday Afternoon

Funky Chill On A Sunday Afternoon by Professor Eddy on Mixcloud
Enjoy this freestyle mix! Thanks to Nicolas Drosos for sending me Satin Dream. Next up is my funky Christmas special for this year!


Roos Jonker – Play The Guitar (2010)
Linda Lewis – Reach For The Truth (1973)
Goldfrapp – Clowns (2008)
Dexter Wansel – What The World Is Coming To (1977)
Martha Redbone – God Created Woman (2005)
Laura Lee – Crumbs Off The Table (1972)
The Isley Brothers – Spill The Wine (1971)
Lou Rawls – Trade Winds (1977)
Donna McGhee – It Ain't No Big Thing [Danny Krivit Re-Edit] (1978)
Destiny’s Child – Dot (2000)
T.S. Monk – Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself (1980)
Maxwell – Ascension (1996)
John Legend & the Roots – I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free (2010)
Holland-Dozier – Don't Leave Me (1972)
The Hollies – Draggin’ My Heels [Social Disco Club Re-Edit] (2008)
Satin Dream - Stay Away From My Lover [Eddy’s Edit] (1981)

Funky Guys From Germany

A couple of months ago I put the spotlight on France, now it’s time to hear some very cool German songs. The title of the mix refers to Afrika Bambataa who once called Kraftwerk ‘those funky guys from Germany', but he could have said 'those funny guys from Germany', because I like their humour in their songs. I believe I once read that the last track of the mix, ‘I'm In Love With A German Film Star’ from the Passions, is about the crazy German actor Klaus Kinski. He's shown on the picture above which is from the excellent movie 'Fitzcarraldo', that was directed by Werner Herzog (who also directed 'Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans', the best movie of 2010). Klaus Kinski is the father of beautiful actress Nastassja Kinski (ex-wife of Quincy Jones).

One of the best German songs ever is ‘Theo, Wir Fahr’n Nach Lodz’ from Vicky Leandros. She was the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1972, taking part with 'Après Toi' for Luxemburg. …

Can You Feel The GROOVE?

It’s all about the groove, isn’t it?


Today, Tomorrow, Forever – It's A Groove (Keep On Dancin') (1979)
Atlantis – Keep On Movin' And Groovin' (1982)
C.J. & Co – Get A Groove In Order To Move (1977)
Bobby Lyle – Groove (Ain't No Doubt About It) (1978)
Heatwave – Gangsters Of The Groove (1980)
Bobby Thurston – Check Out The Groove (1980)
Billy Larkin & the Delegates – Ain’t That A Groove (1968)
Archie Bell & The Drells – Let's Groove (1975)
Fern Kinney – Groove Me (1979)
Earth, Wind & Fire – Let's Groove (1981)
Bohannon – Spread The Groove Around (1976)
Dunn Pearson Jr. – Groove On Down (1978)
Rodney Franklin – The Groove (1980)
e.v.e. – Groove Of Love [Radio Edit] (1994)
Richard Groove Holmes – Groovin' For Mr. G. (1971)
Florence Miller – The Groove I'm In (1970s)
Pat & rHill – Stoned Groove (2008)
Love International – Dance On The Groove (And Do The Funk) (1981)
Rock Savage – Grover Groove (2007)


Can you feel the GROOVE? by Profess…