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Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 2

Just like a few months ago a couple of groovy, sexy and soulful songs! One of the best songs of the seventies is ‘Dancing in the city’ by Marshall & Hain. It’s pop, disco, soul and a piece of jazz in one brilliant song! Have a listen and take a look at the marvelous Kit Hain. She looks so cool in this Dutch session for Toppop (and not wearing a bra was very fashionable at the time…)

Tom Moulton was one of the first to remix disco tracks. I listened to a lot of his classic remixes from the seventies up till now. He normally starts with a long instrumental intro with a few harmony vocals (sometimes he adds a break), in the middle are the vocal parts and he usually ends with a full orchestra playing (with one solo instrument). Dimitri from Paris does more or less the same on his Philly remixes. I tried to copy this trick on 'Guilty' from First Choice. DJ Dazler played the track on his Dazling Soul Show some time ago. Speaking of the show, I will host it next Saturday at midn…

Pais Tropical - Latin Spirit

Latin music gives me the same happy feeling as disco. I like the way the musicians don’t seem to take things seriously, although they play their parts more than excellent. The ecstatic percussion players give me the perfect dance floor feeling. And most of all I like the seductive female vocals, for example those of Anakelly (from ‘Stones and bossa’). I don’t like the Rolling Stones that much, but Anakelly turns their compositions into something really nice! Enjoy 'Pais Tropical'!


Luisa Maita – Lero-Lero (2010)
Nouvelle Vague - A Forest (2004)
Robert Drasnin – Orinoco (1959)
Anakelly – Under My Thumb (2006)
Mongo Santamaria – Ma Cherie Amour (1969)
Les Baxter – Pool Of Love (1959)
Mandrake Som – Berimbau (1975)
Serge Gainsbourg - La Femme Des Uns Sous Le Corps Des Autres (1958)
Marco Di Marco & Nathan Haines - Take Off [Nicola Conte Campi's Idea Version] (2004)
Isabelle Antena – Omerta Bossa [Nicola Conte Version] (2005)
Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 – Pais Tropical …

Disco Knockouts!

Apart from the picture of Sharron Davies, there are two songs that inspired me to make this mix. One of them is a recent track from Duck Sauce. The repetition of the female vocals reminded me of Stars On 45. The other one is from Dutch singer Dee Dee. I heard ‘I put a spell on you’ on a recent episode of Tim Sweeney’s ‘Beats in space’. In this You Tube video she looks a little bit like a sex doll, but I love the song! I like the closing track from soul veterans the Drifters, but isn’t it strange to hear guys who were in their thirties at the time sing about schoolgirls? Different times, I guess, when no one had heard of R. Kelly yet...

One of my personal favourites is ‘Night time’ from Maggie MacNeal. I bought the 7” which was produced by Michael Lloyd (known for his work for the Osmonds, Lou Rawls and Solomon Burke) way back in 1979. Maggie MacNeal was one half of the successful Dutch duo Mouth & MacNeal. Their biggest hit was ‘How do you do?’ that peaked at number 8 on the Billb…

Just Relax With Some Soul And Jazz

Here's something to relax to after a week of hard labour: a little bit of soul, jazz and good old-fashioned pop. I believe the best album of 2009 was from God Help The Girl, a solo-project and concept from Stuart Murdoch, the singer and founder of Belle & Sebastian. I like the way Murdoch mixes, let’s say, the easy listening of Burt Bacharach with the alternative sound of Morrissey and the Smiths. It’s a very unique sound, something like folky soul or soulful folk. Belle & Sebastian have a great new album out now, called ‘Write about love’. I played their wonderful single ‘I want the world to stop’ in ‘Be gentle with my ears ’ two weeks ago. The closing track from Ella Fitzgerald is composed by the master himself, Burt Bacharach. Enjoy!

Picture from ♪ §hel ♫


Casual T – Hands Off (1982)
Donald Byrd – Think Twice (1975)
Pam Feather – Cannot Change The Weather (2010)
DePhazz – No Lie (2010)
Eliza Doolittle – Police Car (2010)
Tommy Stewart – Fulton County Line (1976)