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Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 7

Enjoy part 7 of Groovy, sexy & soulful! Tracklist and linernotes:

Mary J. Blige Feat. Drake – Mr. Wrong (2012)

From her latest album 'My life II: the journey continues (act 1)' and her new single. Mary sings: 'Bad boys ain't good, good boys ain't fun...' Her new album is a sequel to her 1994's 'My life', a true classic. This duet with Drake borrows a few words from 'Me and Mrs Jones', the well-known Philly song from Billy Paul, written by Leon Huff and Kenny Gamble.

Glen Campbell – These Days [B-Shakes Edit] (2008/2011)

Thanks to Bill Shakes and Matt Garlick for this edit of Glen Campbell's 2008 cover version of the Jackson Browne classic, originally performed by Nico in 1967. Glen sadly suffers from Alzheimer's disease nowadays and he just recently released his last album 'Ghost on the canvas', his farewell to the music business. In this song he sings: 'These days I think a lot of the things I forgot to do...' I…

No Time For Dreaming

Last Saturday I woke up with the sounds of 'Together in electric dreams' from Phil Oakey (The Human League) and Giorgio Moroder (Donna Summer). A few minutes later I heard about the death of Etta James on the news. I thought I had to combine those two things and then the idea came about to make a mix about dreams and dreaming. We all know songs like ‘Dreaming’ from Blondie, 'Dreams' by Fleetwood Mac and ‘Sad sweet dreamer’ was a hit record for Sweet Sensation in 1974, but I tried to avoid the classics. Most of the songs in the second part are not only about dreaming, but they sound a little bit dreamy as well. That's after Charles Bradley shouts that there’s ‘no time for dreaming’. But his song seems a good message to make it the main theme of the mix… ;-) This mix also pays tribute to Etta James, the one and only queen of R&B. I’m curious: what are your favorites about dreaming? The picture is the album cover of ‘Dust for angels’ from Friends of Adam. Have sw…

I Heard The Voice Of Music Say

This one is a little bit inspired by the wonderful podcasts from my virtual friends at Flashlite Productions. Thank you guys!

Picture of Dimitri From Paris is from Matt Barnes. Dimitri rediscovered the smooth Steely Dan cover from Charles Mann for his 'Get down with the Philly sound' album on BBE Records two years ago. I chose for the re-edit that unfortunately is not on the Philadelphia International: The Re-Edits album that came out yesterday, if I'm well-informed. Enjoy!


Alan Tew – The Detectives (1976)
Charles Mann – Do It Again [Simone Sassoli Bootleg Re-Edit] (2011)
Chime – Right Again (1980)
Alicia Myers – I Will Stand By You (2011)
James Walsh Gypsy Band – I've Got The Feelin' (1978)
Sunbear – I Heard The Voice Of Music Say (1977)
Sun Sect – She's Hot (1984)
Finis Henderson – Blame It On The Night (1983)
Evie Sands – One Thing On My Mind (1975)
Marilyn Scott – Let's Not Talk About Love (1979)
Con Funk Shun – Too Tight (1980)
Debarge – Rhythm Of Th…

We're On The Philly Track

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Philadelphia International, the musical home of sophisticated soul producers and songwriters Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff who paved the way for disco, Harmless Records will release a few albums in a short period of time. First up is 'Philadelphia International: The Re-Edits' that will be out on January 16th. One of the edits is a wonderful 're-kutt' from Todd Terje that I also selected for this mix. Other standout tracks on the album are 'Strategy' from Archie Bell & the Drells [Touchsoul Re-Edit] and 'Let The Dollar Circulate' from Billy Paul [ScratchNSniff Extended Re-Rub].

I like the final result, but most of the edits on 'Philadelphia International: The Re-Edits' stay very close to the originals. Compilers Ian Dewhirst and Jay Negron (Jski) did a great job, but they probably could have taken a few more risks here and there. Or aren't they the ones to blame and did the copyright owners block the mor…

The Freak Of The Week

Best wishes to all of you! I have to admit that I borrowed the idea for my first one of the year from one of the best dj's on the planet, namely Tim Sweeney from NYC, but my mix is not as creepy as the one he created for 'Beats in space'. My 'Freak Of The Week' is more about doing freaky than being freaky, if you know what I mean. I tried to keep it funny rather than scary. It's a mix about being extraordinary. The only similarity is the song from Mud. Those guys made me love pop music way back when, so it's fair to be featured in this mix with their crazy classic as well. The song before Mud is from Don Bryant who was produced by the late Willie Mitchell on his legendary Hi label (Al Green, Ann Peebles).

A song that just missed the boat is 'Only a fool ' from Mighty Sparrow (together with Byron Lee). He sounds so sad and convincing. Why doesn't she love him? And keep an eye on King Charles, I love his new single 'Mississippi Isabel'…