I Heard The Voice Of Music Say

This one is a little bit inspired by the wonderful podcasts from my virtual friends at Flashlite Productions. Thank you guys!

Picture of Dimitri From Paris is from Matt Barnes. Dimitri rediscovered the smooth Steely Dan cover from Charles Mann for his 'Get down with the Philly sound' album on BBE Records two years ago. I chose for the re-edit that unfortunately is not on the Philadelphia International: The Re-Edits album that came out yesterday, if I'm well-informed. Enjoy!


Alan Tew – The Detectives (1976)
Charles Mann – Do It Again [Simone Sassoli Bootleg Re-Edit] (2011)
Chime – Right Again (1980)
Alicia Myers – I Will Stand By You (2011)
James Walsh Gypsy Band – I've Got The Feelin' (1978)
Sunbear – I Heard The Voice Of Music Say (1977)
Sun Sect – She's Hot (1984)
Finis Henderson – Blame It On The Night (1983)
Evie Sands – One Thing On My Mind (1975)
Marilyn Scott – Let's Not Talk About Love (1979)
Con Funk Shun – Too Tight (1980)
Debarge – Rhythm Of The Night (1985)
Patrick Simmons – So Wrong (1983)
Oattes Van Schaik – Could This Be Love (1985)
Michael McDonald – Take It To Heart [Radio Edit] (1990)
Daryl Hall & John Oates – Method Of Modern Love (1984)
Go West – The King Of Wishful Thinking (1990)
Steve Harley – Sophistication (1986)


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