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Out In The Disco Night

Let's go out in the disco night!

“Brooklyn-based indie pop duo Fever High, comprised of Anna Nordeen and Leah Cary have recently released their infectious debut single, "That's So Typical" along with an accompanying music video directed by Deadhorse Films' Ben Fries, who also directed videos for Holy Ghost!, Danny Brown and Theophilus London. Reminiscent of early Bananarama, the single has been accurately described as a hook-filled earworm with a clear nod to Eighties dance-pop”. (Quote: Vents Magazine).

Fever High are currently in in the studio working on their debut album with award-winning songwriter/producer and Fountains Of Wayne / Tinted Windows bassist, Adam Schlesinger.

Thanks to Irfane for the inspiration and the sample of his music! The tracks from Billy Griffin, Bobby Nunn and Denise LaSalle are from a very good new compilation album called '80's soul classics volume 5'.


Billy Griffin – Don’t Ask Me To Be Friends (1983)
Kenny G.

Smooth Sailing: Soulful Rocking & Easy Listening

Enjoy this new episode of smooth sailing! I like the bass line of 'Him' by Rupert - The Piña Colada Song – Holmes. It comes in like a rolling thunder: heavy weather is in sight and that is all because of HIM! It reached the number 6 position on the Hot 100 U.S. pop chart in 1980.

"Greenflow was an agile soul group that delivered the lion’s share of their performances on military bases from the Aleutian Islands to Wuerzburg, Germany, along with several strategic points in between. Bandleader A.J. Greene was an ex-marine who far preferred entertaining personnel to active duty. “After carrying a gun, it was nice to carry a trombone,” he recently remarked from his home in Pasadena, California. Although Greenflow’s roster fluctuated over the years, prominent on this recording was his younger sister Eleanora, whose previous gig with the Superbs yielded a few significant titles on Dore Records in the mid-1960s." (Quote: Numero Group)

"Archie James Cavanaugh can certainl…

Easter Weekend Disco Excitement

Just like last week The O'Jays introduce the mix the best way. They create exactly the right mood for 'Easter Weekend Disco Excitement'. In my opinion disco has everything to do with excitement. The joy of dancing, making love or the weekend to begin. When the excitement disappeared out of disco, around 1985, it was at dead end (although it would arise in many shapes later on).

One of the tracks is by Sydney disco duo Midnight Pool Party. Their brand new single is called 'Linger'. The single’s inception began when Darren Morilla and Oliver Dela Cruz locked themselves away, with nothing but a vintage turntable and a stack of vinyl, from late 1990s to early 2000. Drawing on the nostalgia of their favourite, classic chart dominators, including Mojo, Stardust, Moloko and Jamiroquai, the result is the infectious disco track that is Midnight Pool Party’s second official single, ‘Linger.’ Luke Million gives it a classic Giorgio Moroder discotheque-vibe.

Theo Vaness is…

Smooth Sailing: Funky Tripping & Making Waves

"It is a little bit unclear exactly who Yumi Zouma actually is. All press articles state they are friends from New Zealand now living between New York and Paris. The press pics however show only one woman – who is not the woman on the self-titled debut EP’s cover. But does it really matter with music as beautiful as this? Its dreamy and ethereal feel with touches of 1980s soft rock easily enchants the listener, and successfully distracts you from asking irrelevant questions." (Quote: Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape)

DJ Supermarkt who edited the song by Jaye P. Morgan, compiled 'Too slow to disco' volume 1. It’s the first part of a series of late 1970s Westcoast yacht rock ('music you can almost dance to'). It’s out next month.

Enjoy this third part of smooth sailing!

Picture Joan Smalls by Mikael Jansson for W Magazine


The O’Jays – Ship Ahoy (1973)
Al Hudson & the Soul Partners – I’m About Loving You (1975)
Leon Ware – Holiday (1976)
Airplay – After The …

Eddy's 80s Grooves Part 9 (Best Of 1985)

Disco became a blur in the years after the commercial backlash in 1980. It was dance music for clubs again and difficult to play on the radio (with some exceptions, of course), meanwhile house and hiphop were knocking on the door. The fading of disco is often called post-disco. Unlike disco music, post-disco usually lacked the typical string orchestration and featured more drum machines, synthesizers, sequencers and 4/4 time signature. Soulful vocals, however, remained an essence of post-disco. The main force in post-disco were mainly one-hit wonders and short-lived collaborations, while record producers and dj's played a significant role in post-disco in general. (source:

Enjoy this new episode of Eddy's 80s Grooves!

Eddy's 80s Grooves Part 9 (Best Of 1985) by Professor Eddy on Mixcloud