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Eddy's Groove Flight

This cloudcast is (hopefully) something special! I try to play a few notes myself, (most of) the tracks are mixed and my rework of 'Peanut Butter' by Alison Valentine is on it as well (based on 'Regulate' by Warren G.). So have a nice Groove Flight!

The pictures are from the Oscar-nominated movie 'Flight'. In this drama by Robert Zemeckis ('Back to the future') intoxicated pilot Whip Whittaker (Denzel Washington) does a miraculous job crash-landing. However, the mandated investigation into the incident will inevitably lead to the discovery that he was flying the plane while drunk and on cocaine. As he attempts to sober up, Whip befriends a fellow addict he meets during his post-accident stay in the hospital. Soon he fails in his attempts to white-knuckle himself to sobriety, and with the help of his favorite drug-dealer (John Goodman) and his lawyer (Don Cheadle), Whip must prepare to testify about what happened on that fateful flight. (source: Allmov…

Smooth Sailing: Summer Cruises & Slow Dances

This Smooth Sailing part is what I call a typical Professor Eddy mix. It contains soul, disco, funk, new wave and some chill out tracks, summarized as Funky Chill. Hopefully the music makes you feel like being on a boat, cruising to a tropical island. By the way, did you already check out my collaboration mix with Huas?

FINS is an up and coming alternative / electrofunk / jazzcore band, taking the Greater Boston area by storm. High school students, Sam Glick, Alex Mapes-Frances, Max Weiss, and Kami Sabghir-Frota make up the fresh new band. Mapes-Frances' and Glick's unique vocals and the distinguished electronic beats come together beautifully to make some brilliant easy listening. Most FINS members have had past experiences in other bands, which has definitely worked to their advantage.

The closing track is by Sahr. Their video is about an old guy, played by Aiden Shaw, who is in love with a younger girl. Aiden Shaw also appears in the new Bloom Twins video, Blue, doing the s…

Eddy's 80s Grooves Part 11

The song by Johnny Mathis came out in 1979, but it took two years to reach the charts in the Netherlands... Aonther one on the tracklist is from Incognito. On their new album “Amplified Soul” front man Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick works with some names familiar to Incognito fans and continues to keep it fresh with new voices. Most notably, there's the underexposed Deborah Bond on "I See the Sun," a gorgeously rolling number near the end that could just as easily follow the album's introduction. Melonie Crosdale leads "Rapture," another beaming, kicked-back groove that stands with the group's best work. They take it back a little farther than their typical mid-'70s to early-'80s well of inspiration for the strutting "Hats (Makes Me Wanna Holler)," one of their funkier straight-R&B songs. At this point, even the most casual listener knowledgeable about the group's inspirations won't be surprised that a piece titled &q…

Smooth Sailing: Funky Chilling & Disco Diving

We're going to set sail for another boat trip to fantasy island! This part is slightly different from the previous ones. Yacht rock has made place for Latin pop, this time. And that is because of the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, of course! :-) One of the tracks is 'Magic smile' by Rosie Vela:
“Best known for her work as a fashion model, Rosie Vela dabbled in music in the 1980s and showed much promise as a singer/songwriter, but she didn't get very far commercially. Although Vela's modeling kept her busy in the 1980s, she wrote and sang on the side and signed with A&M in 1986. That year, A&M released Vela's debut album, Zazu, which favored a jazzy style of pop/rock and was influenced by Joni Mitchell and Steely Dan. In fact, the album was produced by Gary Katz (who is best known for his work with Steely Dan) and employs former Steely Dan members Donald Fagen and Walter Becker.“ (Quote: Allmusic)

This mix is partly inspired by The Trip from Joey Negro, one of…