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Summer Soul Station Part 3: Clean Sounds

I grew up in the 1970s, so I have a very weak spot for the clean radio sound of that era. The thing is that you can get fed up with it very quickly, so I threw in the best soulful and melodic tracks I could find. One hour of ‘afternoon delight’, to quote Starland Vocal Band. Imagine yourself driving a Ford Mustang through L.A. with the radio on Summer Soul Station. The couple on the picture are Daniel Craig and female rapper Eve in the beautiful movie ‘Flashbacks of a fool’. So let’s enjoy the happy-go-lucky sounds of the seventies with a little bit of legendary dj Wolfman Jack in it as well. He plays himself in ‘Hit the road Jack’ from Canadian rockers The Stampeders.

The other guy singing on the Steve Harley track is blue eyed soul singer Michael McDonald. Harley is best known for his 1975 UK number 1 ‘Make me smile’ (‘Come up and see me’). In the late 1970s he moved to Los Angeles. He tried to crack the US market, but it didn’t work out the way he had planned, although he made a pr…

Summer Soul Station Part 2: Happy Radio

I love those radio friendly and most of all beach friendly songs I heard on the radio when I was on holiday in my teenage years. This is a tribute to that joyful sound! It’s my intention to present a new theme broadcast from summer soul station frequently the coming weeks. It’s some kind of experiment. I hope you will like it… The theme of this mix is ’happy radio’. Next week it will be something different. And a big thank you to Flashlites Productions for the inspiration. Check out their mixes, they’re great! If you like part 2 of Summer Soul Station, check out the other parts as well.


Sergio Mendes & Brazil ’77 – After Sunrise (1972)
Heston – Radio (2008)
Gavin DeGraw – Not Over You [Eddy’s Extended Edit] (2011)
Wilton Felder – Theme From ‘Bullitt’ (1969)
David Bendeth – Feel The Real [Deepspirits Latin Edit] (2011)
The Disco Sound Of Andre Gagnon – Wow (1975)
Manujothi – Shake Your Body [Instrumental] (1980)
Idris Muhammad - Could Heaven Ever Be Like This [Leftside Wobble E…

Another Tom Moulton Mix

While mixing ‘Dr Love’ Tom Moulton suffered from a heart attack, but he waited more than four hours to go to hospital, because he wanted to finish the track first. The doctor he spoke was not exactly Dr Love, because he was really pissed that Tom hadn’t come any earlier. So it could have been his final mix… Three of the Tom Moulton mixes in this cloudcast are from his brand new remix album, ‘Philly Re-Grooved 2: The Master Returns’ that came out last week. Apart from the songs I included (Ultra High Frequency, Moment of Truth and The Quickest Way Out), it contains new expanded remixes of First Choice, Terry Collins, Loose Change and TJM. Enjoy my second tribute to pioneer and innovator Tom Moulton! If you like this one, check out part one as well.

Some of the songs borrowed a bit from the Motown sound, like the one from The Independents. Brothers Al and Don Downing sound how The Four Tops would have sounded if they had made a disco record. Although the song is great, I always hear th…

Feeling The Magic Of Vintage Soul

Here are some very nice vintage soul songs and a few recent edits of soul classics. One of the best songs I heard recently is from Troy. His ‘And tomorrow means another day we’re apart’ is included on ‘The spirit of Philadelphia 3’ and was also on a compilation called ‘Lost soul gems’. His voice sounds like Aaron Neville in the beginning of the song, but when he reaches his climax you would swear it was Marvin Junior (the Dells) or Teddy Pendergrass. It is a superb track. I did some research on Troy, because compiler Ralph Tee of ‘The spirit of Philadelphia 3’ didn't know who he was. Well, Troy turns out to be Benny Mardones, a songwriter that made a name for himself as a rock singer in the eighties. He is known for songs like ‘Into the night’ (covered by Usher last year) and ‘She’s so French’. Read his biography for more details about his impressive career.

Benny Mardones looks and sounds like David Coverdale (Whitesnake) nowadays, so it is hard to believe that he recorded the b…