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AOR On The Radio: Soulful Years

I'm very proud and happy to be number 7 in the Mixcloud Top 25 of Best Crate Diggers 2014. So for this new cloudcast I dug as deep in the crates as I could! ;-)

Back in the day dj's used to play a typical sound on the radio. That's what this mix is basically about: to recreate that sophisticated sound of FM radio in the 1970s.

One of the key figures in pop music is Mike Hurst. Before becoming a producer in the 1960s he was one of the Springfields (together with Dusty and Tom). He discovered Marc Bolan and Cat Stevens and was having hits with Manfred Mann, The Move, Spencer Davis Group, Colin Blunstone (who named himself Neil McArthur), Chris Farlowe and P.P. Arnold. In the 1970s he signed the band Showaddywaddy and subsequently produced 17 top 40 hits in a row with the band. In this decade he also produced and worked with artists like Cilla Black, Mud, Merton Parkas, The Four Tops and Hello. In 1978 he took over the management of Shakin’ Stevens and produced his first ev…

Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 44 Deep Down Edition

Best remembered for the soul classic "Show and Tell," singer Al Wilson was born June 19, 1939 in Meridian, Mississippi. From childhood forward he was singing professionally, and by the age of 12 was leading his own spiritual quartet and singing in the church choir, even performing covers of country and western hits as circumstances dictated. While he was in high school, Wilson and his family relocated to San Bernadino, California, where he worked odd jobs as a mail carrier, a janitor, and an office clerk, in addition to teaching himself to play drums; after graduation he spent four years touring with Johnny Harris and the Statesmen before joining the U.S. Navy and singing with an enlisted men's chorus. After a two-year military stint, Wilson settled in Los Angeles, touring the local nightclub circuit before joining the R&B vocal group the Jewels; from there he landed with the Rollers, followed by a stint with the instrumental combo the Souls. In 1966, Wilson signed w…

Eddy's (Late) 80s Grooves Part 13

Enjoy part 13 of Eddy's 80s Grooves! Around 1987 there was a musical no man’s land. Disco, soul, funk and new wave faded out and house and hip hop were ready to take over. In this vacuum swingbeat popped up too with exponents like Alexander O'Neal, Full Force (on my previous cloudcast) and Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam. Swingbeat (or new jack swing) is a fusion genre spearheaded by Teddy Riley and Bernard Belle that became popular from the late-1980s into the early 1990s. Its influence, along with hip-hop, seeped into pop culture and was the definitive sound of the inventive New York club scene. It used R&B style vocals sung over hip hop and dance-pop style influenced instrumentation. The sound of new jack swing comes from the hip hop "swing" beats created by drum machine, and hardware samplers, which was popular during the early days of hip hop, with contemporary R&B style singing.


S.O.S. Band – I'm Still Missing Your Love (1989)
Narada Michael Walde…

Hello... It's Me (3rd Call)

Professor Eddy is your ‘switch board operator'… This cloudcast is a disco-soul-funk extravaganza, based on telephone calls. Booty calls, calls (and cries) for freedom, prank calls, calls for help, you hear all kinds of calls. So enjoy my long distance conversation!

Ramsey & Company were the group Mainor Ramsey had pieced together. Their only release being the super charged sexy disco hit ‘Love Call’ backed with super blaxploitation fodder ‘Leg Grease’, was released on Mainor’s own label, Ramco. This limited 7” single was sold exclusively at the groups live shows and never saw its way into proper distribution. Oddly this limited release eventually found its way onto the dancefloors of the UK’s northern soul/modern soul scene, and became a super smash, ripping up floors whenever played. The sheer quality of this tune mixed with the utter rarity has made this record nearly impossible to find and quite valuable on the collector’s market.

Picture: Elvis Presley, the King of Rock &a…

Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 43 Fantasy Edition

Enjoy the fantasy edition of ‘Groovy, sexy and soulful’! Ballerina (Prima Donna)' was written and produced by British songwriter/musician/producer Mike Batt and sung by Steve Harley. The latter became famous by penning classics, such as 'Make me smile' (1975) and 'Sebastian' (1973). Mike Batt is now known for his work with Katie Melua. Although the single's sleeve lists Harley's name alone, the vinyl itself credits the song to Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel. I like the aggressive tone of the lyrics: the guy is totally fed up with his 'ballerina'... The song peaked at #51 in the UK for a total of six weeks, after originally debuting at #91 in early August 1983. At the time Steve Harley told Scottish television that he had taken a break for a few years, because he didn't want to be known for putting out a string of flops. The irony is that he actually brought out a number of flops by the end of the 1970s and during the 1980s (including the won…