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Marvin Wears A Different Coat

A tribute to one of the most gifted, visionary, and enduring talents ever launched into orbit by the Motown hit machine:

Marvin Gaye blazed the trail for the continued evolution of popular black music. Moving from lean, powerful R&B to stylish, sophisticated soul to finally arrive at an intensely political and personal form of artistic self-expression, his work not only redefined soul music as a creative force but also expanded its impact as an agent for social change.” (Jason Ankeny)

'I want you' by Dianne Reeves is from 'Beautiful life', her new album:

"Dianne Reeves has been one of the top singers in jazz ever since the late '80s. A logical successor to Dinah Washington and Carmen McRae (although even she can not reach the impossible heights of Ella and Sarah Vaughan), Reeves is a superior interpreter of lyrics and a skilled scat singer. She was a talented vocalist with an attractive voice even as a teenager when she sang and recorded with her high scho…

Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 33 Sultry Soul Edition


1979 It's Dancing Time

Paying tribute to the last year of disco, before the ‘disco sucks’ movement took over by burning disco records in public. In 1979 I was too young to go to a discotheque, but I imagine the music there would have sounded something like this, including the bad mixing... ;-) The track from Moonshoes is actually brand new, but it has the 1979 feel. The accompanying video contains footage of Skatetown USA (picture below), a movie (starring Patrick Swayze) that came out in 1979. By the way, the father of one of the Daft Punk guys wrote Ottawan’s ‘D.I.S.C.O.’

‘Love to love you Donna’ is the new Donna Summer remix album that is out on Verve now. DJ's and artists like Chromeo, Hot Chip and Holy Ghost! have teamed up to remix the late singer’s classic hits. It includes reworked versions of ‘Hot stuff’,‘I feel love’, ‘MacArthur Park’,'On the radio' and more. The biggest surprise is an unreleased track called ‘La dolce vita’, a collaboration between the Queen of Disco and synthesizer …

Dramatic Ballads: The Last Good Day Of The Year

My inspiration came after seeing the movie ‘Blood ties’ and hearing ‘There goes my love again’ from White Lies. I love those dramatic songs. The more dramatic, the better! I like the drum rolls, twanging guitars and big orchestra sounds, like the famous ‘wall of sound’ from Phil Spector. I hope you will enjoy these dramatic ballads too!

One of the tracks is from The Dells. On the 29th of May this year singer Marvin Junior of the Dells died. ‘Iron Throat’ is what David Ruffin, the former lead singer of the Temptations, once called Marvin Junior. ‘Two tons of fun’ is what he called himself. He grew up hoping to be the next Ray Charles and eventually inspired other singers, including Teddy Pendergrass. In the 1970s Gamble and Huff wanted the Dells to join the Philadelphia International label, but when they failed, they contracted Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes with singer Teddy Pendergrass. They thought his voice sounded almost similar to the one of Mavin Junior.

The voice of Marvin…

And Then There Was... Disco!

Rolling Stone journalist Vince Aletti first spoke of ‘disco’ in 1973. So we are celebrating 40 years of disco this year! This mix is a selection of the early years. The tracks I chose made the (disco) ball rolling. In 1973, for instance, 'Girl, you need a change of mind' was one of the first songs with a (disco) break and 'The love I lost' was problaby the first song that had an uptempo disco beat, because of the hi-hat pattern played by drummer Earl Young (Source: A House on Fire: The Rise and Fall of Philadelphia Soul). One year later, 'Rock the boat' (that started to use the off-beat tom tom) and 'Rock your baby' were the first disco hits that reached the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100:

“Considered by some to be the first disco hit, the Hues Corporation's funky 1974 hit "Rock the Boat" is certainly a key track in the style's development. Certainly the song's hypnotic structure -- aside from two brief verses early on, i…