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Power To The Pirates!

I close this year with a special 40 records tribute to the pirate radio stations at the Dutch and British coasts in the 1960s and 1970s. To be honest, I enjoyed the pirate stations (mostly Radio Veronica and Radio Noordzee) for only one summer, the warm months of 1974, when the Dutch lost from the Germans in the World Cup soccer final. After that summer they were all banned and the pirate stations disappeared from the Dutch coast. But it was my introduction to pop music, so they made quite an impression to me.

This is also a tribute to the music that sounded so good on AM radio. Those songs from the early sixties to the mid-seventies were very powerful and catchy. They just blew out of my radio, like a piece of dynamite or like an explosion in my soul, to quote the Soul Survivors (who were produced by Philly soul legends Gamble & Huff). Although the movie ‘The boat that rocked’ (picture below) was not as good as I hoped it would be, it gives us a rather romantic impression of l…

Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky Part 5

Let's funk around the Christmas tree! ;-) Funk saw the light of day in the mid sixties when James Brown recorded ‘Papa’s got a brand new bag’. At that time he had developed his signature groove that emphasized the first beat ('on the one'). This distinctive sound was picked up by others in the late sixties. Bands like Sly & the Family Stone, Funkadelic and The Meters took it to another level the next decade. It was a huge influence on disco music. Funk disappeared from the map in the mid-eighties. Then hip hop and later on house started to push it to the side. James Brown complains in ‘Rapp payback’: I know you heard of Master Gee / But you didn't hear nothing / About J.B.! ;-)

Probably the first funk song I heard on the radio was 'Fire' from The Ohio Players, although it was called disco at the time. It's still one of my all time favourites. Part 5 of Everything I do gonna be funky is a little bit different from the previous parts, because there's…

Electrified Funk

One of the best movies of 2011 is without any hesitation 'Drive' starring a sensational Ryan Gosling as a getaway driver. The electronic music inspired me to compile this mix. One of the tracks, the dark one from Kavinsky, is in fact from the official soundtrack. You surely have to watch this intriguing movie that builds to a breath taking climax. The soundtrack is very impressive as well, altough the tracks are not as funky as the ones in this mix. Anyway, enjoy this funky electro mix! The funk will come straigt out of your socket, I promise... ;-) The picture is from Freefoto.


1. Hot Cuisine – Who's Been Kissing You (1981)
2. First Touch – It's Yours [2011 Mix] (2011)
3. Whodini – The Haunted House Of Rock [Vocoder Version] (1983)
4. Escort – Why Oh Why (2011)
5. Lana Del Rey – Video Games [Mr Fingers Remix] (2011)
6. Kerr – Back At Ya (1984)
7. Two Sisters – Scratch This [Extended Version] (1983)
8. Eruption – I Can’t Stand The Rain [Instrumental] (1988)

Boogie Land

The first track I had in mind for this mix was the one from Parlet. They are a P-Funk girl group, created by George Clinton. Debbie Wright, Mallia Franklin, and Jeannette Washington were the original members in 1978, the year they recorded their first album, ‘Pleasure principle’. George Clinton convinced Casablanca Records to put out lots of money to promote the record, but Debbie Wright had a bad drug reaction and was in no condition to tour. She had to drop out of Parlet. Shirley Hayden was brought in to replace her and they opened for P-Funk on tour for a while. Mallia Franklin left in 1979 to help form Sterling Silver Starship with then-husband and Parliament bassist Donnie Sterling. Janice Evans replaced Mallia halfway through the recording of their second album, ‘Invasion of the booty snatchers’ in 1979. A year later Parlet released one last album, ‘Play Me or Trade Me’ that contains 'Help from my friends'. At that time George Clinton dropped his side-projects due to fin…

Good Times Are Now!

Another back-to-back with Daizi from Japan! I added the first three tracks afterwards, but the middle section of this mix is marvellously done by Daizi. Then I take over with United Future Organization, followed by another six from Daizi. I like his acid jazz classics from the 1990s! Disco Extravaganza is a previous collaboration between Daizi and me. Enjoy!


Rocket - Groove Thing [DJ Sensus Blue Six Edit] (2011)
Quincy Jones & Bill Cosby – Hikky-Burr [Mix Master Mike Remix] (2004)
Barry White - September When I First Met You [Sensus Soul Remix] (2011)
Praise – Dream On (1992)
Black Box – Fantasy (1990)
Incognito – Change (1992)
Gang Starr – Jazz Thing (1990)
Martine Girault – Revival (1992)
Kellee Patterson - I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More (1976)
Snowboy Feat. Anna Ross – Girl Overboard (1992)
Swing Out Sister – Not Gonna Change (1992)
Salsoul Orchestra Feat. Loleatta Holloway – Run away (1977)
The Fatback Band – Wicky Wacky (1974)
United Future Organization – Loud …