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Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 8

It's time to get groovy, sexy and soulful again! Part 7 of the Groovy, Sexy & Soulful series has had over a thousand listeners and I hope you'll enjoy part 8 as much as the previous one! For this part I selected a track from King Charles' debut album that will be released on the 7th of May. His single 'Love blood' is out now! The excellent album 'The last seduction' from Baron von Luxxury (cover art on the left) was released on Valentine's Day and it contains the nice disco-electro song 'Terry Richardson' that is the closing track of the mix. You can still download his album for free (until this weekend) right here. The beautiful picture below from Sholgk is a tribute to Pam Grier, a woman who is groovy, sexy and soulful in one person!


Jhelisa – Friendly Pressure [Leftside Wobble Edit] (2011)
Evie Sands – You Can Do It [Silk Edit] (1979)
Crystal Winds – Love Ain't Easy (1982)
Leon Haywood – I Want'A Do Something Freaky …

It's Soul, Covered Up Part 1

This time I chose for 'It's soul covered up', to be pronounced as 'it's all covered up'. I selected cover versions that sound at least as good or even better than the originals! For instance, the Jacksons borrowed 'Blame it on the boogie' from British singer Mick Jackson (not related to the Jackson family). The original reached a #61 peak on the Billboard Hot 100 in September 1978. In 2003 Mick Jackson himself said of the Jacksons' version of 'Blame it on the boogie':
[the original] version had 100% of our heart and soul in it but the Jacksons' version had the magic extra 2% that made it incredible.But yes, sometimes it's a difficult choice. I have to quote Baron Von Luxxury on this matter. This is what he writes on his blog about 'You are in my system', originally from The System:

Probably the most Sophie’s Choice-iest ever version of the age old question: “which is better, the original or the cover”? I must confess that I…

Shadows Of Love (Antidote For Valentine's Day)

Here are a couple of soul songs, mostly about the dark side of love. It's some kind of antidote for sweet, candy shop love songs ('lollipop lullabies' like 'Endless love' from Diana Ross & Lionel Ritchie), so it's more or less an anti-Valentine mix. It's dedicated to all the unlucky ones who suffer from a love addiction.

I selected 'Hats off to Larry' from Del Shannon, a song about deceit. Del Shannon isn’t exactly a soul singer, but he was the first white guy to sing falsetto on the pop charts and his classic ‘Runaway’ was a hit on the R&B charts as well. This month it's exactly 22 years ago that Del Shannon shot himself after taking too much Prozac. There's a recent French version of 'Runaway' from Dutch singer Dave, called 'Vanina', but it can't beat the original, of course. When I first heard the voice of Del and the incredible sounds of the self-built Musitron from organ player Max Crook, I thought I saw a …

Music To Start Your Day With

This is the music I like to hear when I wake up in the morning, next to a beautiful woman, which will happen one day, I'm sure... ;-) All songs are about (early) mornings, sleeping, waking up and the break of day. The one from Bryan Ferry is perhaps an exception. It's a superb remake of the classic from the Shirelles. Although their song is about respecting a woman after making love, Bryan Ferry seems to sing about doubt or cheat in a relationship. He uses the same words, but he turns the song (a composition from Gerry Goffin and Carole King) into something completely different. His version is my definition of a good cover: making it seem a composition of your own. Beautiful picture from Valeria Querini.


Henri RenĂ© & His Orchestra – Sleep Walk [Rad Rascal Mash Up] (1959)
Skull Snaps – A New Day (1973)
Rashaan Patterson – 6 AM (2011)
Fred Everything – Light Of Day (2004)
John Legend – Good Morning (2008)
MFSB – Morning Tears (1975)
Major Harris Boogie Blues Band – Each…