Music To Start Your Day With

This is the music I like to hear when I wake up in the morning, next to a beautiful woman, which will happen one day, I'm sure... ;-) All songs are about (early) mornings, sleeping, waking up and the break of day. The one from Bryan Ferry is perhaps an exception. It's a superb remake of the classic from the Shirelles. Although their song is about respecting a woman after making love, Bryan Ferry seems to sing about doubt or cheat in a relationship. He uses the same words, but he turns the song (a composition from Gerry Goffin and Carole King) into something completely different. His version is my definition of a good cover: making it seem a composition of your own. Beautiful picture from Valeria Querini.


Henri René & His Orchestra – Sleep Walk [Rad Rascal Mash Up] (1959)
Skull Snaps – A New Day (1973)
Rashaan Patterson – 6 AM (2011)
Fred Everything – Light Of Day (2004)
John Legend – Good Morning (2008)
MFSB – Morning Tears (1975)
Major Harris Boogie Blues Band – Each Morning I Wake Up (1974)
The Masqueraders – Wake Up Fool (1974)
Quiet Elegance – Will You Be My Man (In The Morning) (1974)
Ruby Andrews & Elvin Spencer – I Don't Want To Wake Up (1992)
Amy Winehouse – Wake Up Alone (2007)
Ryan Shaw – Morning, Noon & Night (2010)
Valerie Simpson – Love Woke Me Up This Morning (1971)
Betty Lavette – You'll Wake Up Wiser (1972)
Luther Vandross & Patti Austin – I'm Gonna Miss You In The Morning (1978)
Ian Wilson – Four In The Morning [Goodking Edit] (1985)
Nicola Conte – Quiet Dawn (2011)
Nouvelle Vague – Friday Night Saturday Morning (2004)
Bryan Ferry – Will You Love Me Tomorrow (1993)
The Buoys – Give Up Your Guns (1972)


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