Shadows Of Love (Antidote For Valentine's Day)

Here are a couple of soul songs, mostly about the dark side of love. It's some kind of antidote for sweet, candy shop love songs ('lollipop lullabies' like 'Endless love' from Diana Ross & Lionel Ritchie), so it's more or less an anti-Valentine mix. It's dedicated to all the unlucky ones who suffer from a love addiction.

I selected 'Hats off to Larry' from Del Shannon, a song about deceit. Del Shannon isn’t exactly a soul singer, but he was the first white guy to sing falsetto on the pop charts and his classic ‘Runaway’ was a hit on the R&B charts as well. This month it's exactly 22 years ago that Del Shannon shot himself after taking too much Prozac. There's a recent French version of 'Runaway' from Dutch singer Dave, called 'Vanina', but it can't beat the original, of course. When I first heard the voice of Del and the incredible sounds of the self-built Musitron from organ player Max Crook, I thought I saw a new dimension in space! In his pre-Motown period Max Crook was a session player for Motown boss Berry Gordy too.

Speaking of Motown, Marc Almond, the former singer of Soft Cell ('Tainted love'), has always been a big fan of northern soul in general and the Motown sound particularly. Two months ago I saw him performing in a very small and shabby theater for a handful of people, but his show was entertaining from the first to the last note. I selected one of his lesser-known songs from his album 'Virgin's Tale Volume 2'. And I like the honest title of the song! ;-)

The wonderful tracks from Brief Encounter and The Anderson Brothers are from a brand new compilation album called 'Soul A La Mode' that is compiled by no one less than Ian Dewhirst. The nice song from Secret Rendezvous is from the album 'Sweet and sour Valentine's Day compilation'.

Beautiful picture from Rent a Panda.


Jerry Seinfeld – The Platonic Relationship [Intro]
Jeannie Reynolds – Unwanted Company (1975)
Raphael Saadiq – Good Man (2011)
Secret Rendezvous – Cruise For A Minute [SR Remix] (2012)
Brief Encounter – Human (1975)
The Anderson Brothers – I Can See Him Loving You (1974)
Howard Tate – Half A Man (1964)
The Four Tops – Standing In The Shadows Of Love (1967)
The Chiffons – It’s My Party (1963)
Nancy Ames – I Don’t Want To Talk About It (1966)
Del Shannon – Hats Off To Larry (1961)
Marc Almond – I’m Sick Of You Tasting Of Somebody Else (1992)
Ronnie McNeir – Keep Your Hands Off My Lady (1972)
Al Green – One Woman (1969)
Millie Jackson – (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right (1974)
Doris Duke – If She's Your Wife (Who Am I?) (1971)
Barbara Jean English – Breakin´ Up A Happy Home (1974)
Ann Sexton – I Still Love You (1972)
Candi Staton – Suspicious Minds (1982)
Rupert Holmes – Him (1979)
Linx – You’re Lying (1980)
Lucy Pearl – Don’t Mess With My Man (2000)
Mantronix – Don’t Go Messin’ With My Heart (1991)
ABC – Valentine's Day (1982)


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