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Best of 70s Soul: Black Cream

Originally conceived as a musical, Car Wash deals with the exploits of a close-knit, multiracial group of employees at a Los Angeles car wash. In an episodic fashion, the film covers a full day, during which all manner of strange visitors make cameo appearances, including Lorraine Gary as a hysterical wealthy woman from Beverly Hills dealing with a carsick son. Richard Pryor also appears in a cameo as a money-hungry evangelist named 'Daddy Rich' who preaches a pseudo-gospel of prosperity theology. The main character is Abdullah, formerly Duane (Bill Duke), a Black Muslim revolutionary. Among his other misadventures in the film, he must deal with a man ("Professor" Irwin Corey) who fits the profile of the notorious "pop bottle bomber" being sought that day by the police. It causes employees, customers, and the owner of the car wash, Mr. B (Sully Boyar), to fear for their lives, but the strange man's "bomb" is simply a urine sample he is taking …

Groovy, Sexy And Soulful Part 63 Funky Bounce Edition

Just before closing time the dj spins some relaxing soul-disco tunes, while you’re on the couch with your loved one…

The track by Neville Nash is from the compilation 'Boogie breakdown', which will be out by the end of the week:

“South Africa is home to a dizzying variety of musical genres and traditions, including some that look directly to American sounds for inspiration. In the late 70s and early 80s, many of the country’s best young musicians were guided by funk. All over the world, disco was growing harder and more electronic, with new synthesizers entering the market every month. The southern tip of Africa was no exception. Global music industry geo-politics, however, aided by the country’s pariah status and a UN-sanctioned cultural boycott, prevented the vast majority of this music from ever being heard outside the country, nor ever being released.”

The Stylistics were one of the bestselling soul bands from the early to the mid-seventies (just before the disco boom), b…

Smooth Sailing: Indian Summer Songs & Seventies Soul

In the Netherlands we're enjoying an Indian Summer lately, so that's where the inspiration came from. The track by Michael Dues is from a new compilation album, called Praise Poems 4.

The R&B version of Donny & Mary Osmond were brother and sister Mac & Katie Kissoon at the time. They had a couple of very strong pop hits in the mid-seventies, like 'Sugar candy kisses', which reached number 5 on the Dutch chart in 1975. Katie Kissoon is perhaps the most popular backup singer ever. She provided background vocals on records from Van Morrison, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Roger Waters, The KLF, Bros, Tanita Tikaram, Boney M, Tracey Ullman, Blancmange, Gloria Gaynor, Elton John, Millie Jackson, Randy Crawford, Eros Ramazzotti, Deborah Harry, Tom Jones, Pet Shop Boys and many, many more. You can read her name on the back of almost every album cover...

Enjoy this Indian Summer & Seventies Soul episode of Smooth Sailing!


Kandace Springs – Leavin…

And The Beat Goes On (Eddy's 80s Grooves Part 16)

Part 16 of Eddy's Eighties Grooves starts with Roosevelt, the new ambassador of the eighties sound and ends with Princess Freesia, her album is out on September 22nd. This cloudcast also contains a nice piece of gospel disco by Enlightment from the compilation ‘Divine disco’. The origins of Gospel Disco can be traced back to the early 1970s when upbeat, dancefloor oriented tracks with secular appeal started to break into DJ sets by the likes of David Mancuso, Nicky Siano and Francis Grasso. The phenomenon had gained momentum in the middle of the decade with labels like Savoy setting a precedent by actively seeking out Gospel artists to explore this new and exciting soul sound. By the beginning of the 1980s Tony Humphries had remixed a track by Phyllis Joubert and the Celestial Choirs, “Stand on the Word”; it wasn’t long before it became an instant club classic. The legendary Larry Levan play-listed the tune as a staple in his DJ sets, redubbing the artist name as The Joubert Sin…