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Summer Soul Station Part 12: Request Line

Summer Soul Station plays all your requests in this new mix! ;-) The first few words after the great new song from Fountains of Wayne are spoken by Iva Davies, singer and main member of the Australian band Icehouse. They have a great new compilation album out now, called ‘White heat’ that contains every single they released. The package delivers two audio discs, each with 15 songs in chronological order and a DVD with music videos from all of the singles. It's fun to see Iva Davies change from a shy guy with a pancake haircut to some kind of curly James Dean wih hair extensions. The album includes hits like ‘Great southern land’, ‘Hey little girl’, ‘Crazy’ and ‘Electric blue’. The latter was co-written by John Oates (Hall & Oates). Ten years ago German dj Mathias Schaffhäuser made a very nice rework of ‘Hey little girl’, together with Rob Taylor.

'Radio' is a song from the latest album from Raphael Saadiq (Lucy Pearl, Tony! Toni! Toné!). Thanks to Caroline, Claudia and…

Summer Soul Station Part 11: Summer Of Motown

Summer Soul Station goes Motown! In the past I remixed a couple of Marvin Gaye songs. ‘Inner city blues’ is my most recent one. I used bits and pieces of German band leader James Last. He gave the song the summer feeling I needed for this mixtape. The track from Kelly Rowland is from her new album ‘Here I am’, her first one on Motown. She sings about Summer Soul Station, I suppose: ‘We gotta do it, do it all day, like the radio!’ She promoted her album with a wardrobe malfunction last week…

I will play the original version of ‘Walk away Renee’ someday as well, because the Four Tops did a cover version of it. Enjoy this summer of Motown!

Full tracklist:

Kelly Rowland & Rico Love – All Of The Night (2011)
Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues [Professor Eddy vs James Last Re-edit] (2011)
Martha & the Vandellas – Heat Wave [David Elizondo Mix] (2008)
The Temptations – Beauty Is Only Skin Deep (1966)
The Four Tops – Walk Away Renee (1967)
The Originals – Call On Your Six Million Dollar Man (1…

Summer Soul Station Part 10: Blue Eyed Soul

Summer Soul Station is still on the road! I love those radio friendly and most of all car friendly songs I grew up with in the seventies and eighties. I lived in a small village back then, so the radio was the only source to hear new music. I listened a lot to common names like Toto, Steely Dan, Roxy Music and Boz Scaggs who made really enjoyable blue eyed soul. Or perhaps it’s better to call it (soft) rock with disco and soul influences. Pale British singer James Blunt is one of the latest artists in that tradition. By the way, glam rock star David Bowie was one of the first white guys (after Elton John and Gino Vannelli) to perform on the American television show Soul Train (in 1975). Luther Vandross used to be one of his background singers. This mixtape is a tribute to that disco/rock sound. It pays homage to the Volkswagen Beetle as well, a car my father used to drive. And no, it’s not my mother blowing bubbles in front of the colourful car in the picture… ;-)

I included an edit …

Summer Soul Station Part 9: The Rhythm Of The Jungle

After taking a plane last week, Summer Soul Station is enjoying the exotic sounds and wild rhythms of the jungle now. One of the tracks is the story of ‘Mushanga’, a hit song from Toto in 1988. It’s about an American magazine writer who is a poet as well. In the far away jungle he falls in love with a ‘girl with no shoes’, but when he returns to New York City, she never replies to his letters. It seems that the postman can’t find her palm tree or so… The song ends with the line that he hopes that she will find all the things she was after, but his heart is still with her. I like that thought. It’s a story that is similar to the one of Pocahontas. A tale that is told many times, for instance in the movie ‘The New World’, starring Colin Farrell. He’s a great actor, but I liked him much better in his latest one, ‘Horrible Bosses’, which is hilarious, especially when he does his Kung-Fu tricks while listening to 'Kung Fu Fighting', the Carl Douglas classic. Anyway, enjoy this trip…