Summer Soul Station Part 9: The Rhythm Of The Jungle

After taking a plane last week, Summer Soul Station is enjoying the exotic sounds and wild rhythms of the jungle now. One of the tracks is the story of ‘Mushanga’, a hit song from Toto in 1988. It’s about an American magazine writer who is a poet as well. In the far away jungle he falls in love with a ‘girl with no shoes’, but when he returns to New York City, she never replies to his letters. It seems that the postman can’t find her palm tree or so… The song ends with the line that he hopes that she will find all the things she was after, but his heart is still with her. I like that thought. It’s a story that is similar to the one of Pocahontas. A tale that is told many times, for instance in the movie ‘The New World’, starring Colin Farrell. He’s a great actor, but I liked him much better in his latest one, ‘Horrible Bosses’, which is hilarious, especially when he does his Kung-Fu tricks while listening to 'Kung Fu Fighting', the Carl Douglas classic. Anyway, enjoy this trip to the jungle! Picture from Sean Shimmel

By the way, I did a Todd Terje Tribute on DJ History. Check it out, if you’re interested!

Tracklist Summer Soul Station Part 9:

D-R-U-M – Lalabye [Pat Les Stache Edit] (1977)
Professor Eddy – Break In The Jungle (2011)
The Quick – The Rhythm Of The Jungle (1982)
Gene Harris – Zulu (1976)
Señor Coconut & His Orchestra – Voodoo Dreams [Atom TM Remix] (2008)
Lindstrøm & Christabelle – So Much Fun [Dolle Jolle Remix] (2010)
Mo’ Horizons – Jungle Affair (2011)
Wild Fantasy – Jungle Drums (1978)
D.C. LaRue – Hot Jungle Drums And Voo Doo Rhythm (1979)
Toto – Mushanga (1988)
Supermax – African Blood (1979)
John Tropea – Livin’ In The Jungle [Pat Les Stache Edit] (1979)
African Music Machine – Tropical (1972)
Xavier Cugat – Jungle Flute (1952)
Kool & the Gang – Jungle Jazz (1975)
Rock Savage – Zulu Dance (2008)
Magic Ring – Black Safari (1977)
Hank Mizell – Jungle Rock (1976)


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