Smooth Sailing: Soulful Rocking & Easy Listening

Picture Joan Smalls: Patrick Demarchelier (Vogue April 2013)
Enjoy this new episode of smooth sailing! I like the bass line of 'Him' by Rupert - The Piña Colada Song – Holmes. It comes in like a rolling thunder: heavy weather is in sight and that is all because of HIM! It reached the number 6 position on the Hot 100 U.S. pop chart in 1980.

"Greenflow was an agile soul group that delivered the lion’s share of their performances on military bases from the Aleutian Islands to Wuerzburg, Germany, along with several strategic points in between. Bandleader A.J. Greene was an ex-marine who far preferred entertaining personnel to active duty. “After carrying a gun, it was nice to carry a trombone,” he recently remarked from his home in Pasadena, California. Although Greenflow’s roster fluctuated over the years, prominent on this recording was his younger sister Eleanora, whose previous gig with the Superbs yielded a few significant titles on Dore Records in the mid-1960s." (Quote: Numero Group)

"Archie James Cavanaugh can certainly claim to have had a major label release on A&M in 1980 with an album entitled Black and White Raven. The fine print is that the label released the record only in Alaska. Cavanaugh is a member of the South Alaskan Tlingit tribe and his superb performances have survived the tests of time, one of which always seems to require emerging from the shroud of obscurity known as "non-promotion." A&M no doubt signed the artist in the first place because of the unexpected success of saxophonist and songwriter Jim Pepper with "Witchi-Tai-To". (Pepper himself was one of the session players on the Cavanaugh album.) The album was produced by Tony Bellamy, and has reminded some listeners of Boz Scaggs' material from the '70s. Black and White Raven eventually developed a reputation for high quality among fans of so-called "white" rhythm and blues or blue-eyed soul." (Quote:


Dee Dee Sharp Gamble – I'm Not In Love (1976)
Debarge – All This Love (1982)
The Roach Band – Aladdin (1979)
Diana Ross – Tenderness (1980)
Daft Punk Feat. Todd Edwards – Fragments Of Time (2013)
David Roberts – Wrong Side Of The Tracks (1982)
Greenflow – I Got’cha (1993)
MFSB – I’m On Your Side (1976)
Exile – Kiss You All Over (1978)
Mud – Drift Away (1978)
Dobie Gray – Drift Away (1973)
John Henry Kurtz – Drift Away (1972)
Joseph Nicoletti – Night Time Stars (1977)
David Lasley – One Fine Day (1973)
Archie James Cavanaugh – Take It Easy (1980)
Smokey Robinson – Cruisin' (1979)
Charlene – I've Never Been To Me (1977)
The Isley Brothers – For The Love Of You (1975)
Rupert Holmes – Him (1980)
Kenny Loggins ‎Feat. Stevie Nicks – Whenever I Call You "Friend" (1978)
Valentine Brothers – Let Me Be The One (1979)
Sailor – Sailor (1974)


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