Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 2

Picture: Sarah Silverman
Just like a few months ago a couple of groovy, sexy and soulful songs! One of the best songs of the seventies is ‘Dancing in the city’ by Marshall & Hain. It’s pop, disco, soul and a piece of jazz in one brilliant song! Have a listen and take a look at the marvelous Kit Hain. She looks so cool in this Dutch session for Toppop (and not wearing a bra was very fashionable at the time…)

Tom Moulton was one of the first to remix disco tracks. I listened to a lot of his classic remixes from the seventies up till now. He normally starts with a long instrumental intro with a few harmony vocals (sometimes he adds a break), in the middle are the vocal parts and he usually ends with a full orchestra playing (with one solo instrument). Dimitri from Paris does more or less the same on his Philly remixes. I tried to copy this trick on 'Guilty' from First Choice. DJ Dazler played the track on his Dazling Soul Show some time ago. Speaking of the show, I will host it next Saturday at midnight CET (6 PM local New York time) on Disco 935. And around the 15th next month, I will do a guest mix on For Disco Play Only. But first, enjoy 'Groovy, sexy and soulful part 2'!


Southroad Connection – Something Special (1980)
Melanie Fiona – Ay Yo (2009)
Rainbow Team – Dreaming (1981)
Marshall Hain – Dancing In The City (1978)
The Afro Rhythm Group – Sexy Safari [Leftside Wobble Edit] (2009)
Aqua People – I Like It Wet (1983)
Leon Haywood – Don’t Push It Don’t Force It (1980)
First Choice – Guilty [Of Stealing From Dimitri And Tom Mix] (2010)
Kleeer – Keep Your Body Workin' (1978)
Donna McGhee – I’m A Love Bug (1978)
Denise LaSalle – When We're Makin' Love (1992)
Bar-Kays – Open Your Heart (1980)
Remy Shand – Take A Message (2001)
Lowrell – Smooth And Wild (1978)
Dwele – I Understand (2010)
Ayoe Angelica – Left Side (2008)

If you like this mix, check out part 1 as well!


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