Groovy, Sexy & Soulful

When I heard English dj Alan Champ on Starpoint Radio play ‘You don’t have to go’ by the Chi-Lites on a Sunday, I got inspired for this ‘erotic soul’ mix. Some seventies and early eighties disco with sexy female voices and very low singing guys (to seduce the ladies, I guess…). A mix to celebrate the sexual liberation of the 1970s. Turn off the lights and enjoy! Thanks to the the Dazler (Nite School!), Nicolas Drosos and Alena Arpels for the inspiration!

By the way, I did a mix in the same mood for the very nice Russian mp3-blog Music Dawn, called Love Grooves (available for download as well). The idea behind that mix was to play uplifting soul tracks that are not only soulful, but also a little bit sexy. I tried to create the vibe of a soundtrack for a non-existing romantic movie. One of the tracks, 'Sea of love’, was sung by Richard Gere in the recent (and very cool) movie Brooklyn’s Finest. The mix can be played on Valentine's Day as well! ;-).

This is the tracklist:

Cream De Coco – Disco Strut (1976)
Four Flights – All I Want Is You (1978)
Cloë Martin – It Comes To My Attention (1974)
Isaac Hayes – Moonlight Lovin’ [A Tom Moulton Mix] (1977)
Ojeda Penn – Brotherson (1980)
Vicki Sue Robinson – Hot Summer Night (1981)
The Chi-Lites – You Don’t Have To Go [Vocal] (1976)
Foxy - Get Off Your Aahh! And Dance (1976)
Ethel Beatty – I Know You Care [U-Tern Edit] (1981/2010)
Fantastic Aleems – Hooked On Your Love (1981)
Nite School – Do You Speak French? (1978)
Bill Withers – You Got The Stuff (1978)
Teddy Pendergrass – Turn Off The Lights [Eddy's Edit] (1979)
Nathalie & Christine – Femmes (1976)


Dazler said…
My sort of mix - Thanks Eddy!

Many, many highlights but always a joy to hear Isaac Hayes!

Just out of interest was it Nicolas Drosos who introduced you to Ojeda Penn – Brotherson? - A great lttle track!
professor Eddy said…
Thanks! Yes, I heard Alena Arpels play Ojeda Penn on Mixcloud last week, but Nicolas introduced me to the song.

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