I Love Music - Samples And Sampled

Here’s another history lesson in sampling, told by your favourite teacher! ;-) This mix (which I’m quite proud of) starts with most probably the first recorded rap record in history. It’s by a guy named Jocko and the track was released on Philadelphia International Records. He borrowed the beats from McFadden & Whitehead’s classic which came out on the same label (so there were no troubles about infringement of copyright, I think). From there you can hear a lot of similarities between the songs. One of the key tracks is ‘The champ’ by the Mohawks which appears in a couple of songs. The last track is my attempt to remix the new Bryan Ferry single in a Funkadelic house groove (or something like that…) Enjoy!

Janelle Monáe is one of my favourite artists of the moment. Check out her new album, called ‘The Archandroid’, which is very, very good! She has quite an original approach to soul music, using rock, new wave and musical elements. The track I use in this 'I love music' mix is a track from her EP 'Metropolis: the chase suite' that came out two years ago.


Jocko – Rhythm Talk (1979)
McFadden & Whitehead – Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now (1978)
Ini Kamoze – Here Comes The Hotstepper (1994)
Taana Gardner – Heartbeat [Larry Levan Mix] (1981)
Eric B. & Rakim – Eric B. Is President (1986)
The Mohawks – The Champ (1968)
Janelle Monáe – Sincerely Jane (2008)
Michael McDonald – I Keep Forgettin' (1982)
Warren G & Nate Dogg – Regulate (1994)
Un-cut – Midnight (2001)
Shirley Bassey – Light My Fire (1970)
Isaac Hayes – The Look Of Love (1970)
Ashanti – Rain On Me (2003)
Leela James – Tell Me You Love Me (2010)
Manhattans – Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (1978)
The Moments – Nine Times (1976)
Deep Sensation – Togetherness (2003)
O’Jays – I Love Music (1975)
Jungle Brothers – Good Times Comin’ (1988)
Funkadelic – One Nation Under A Groove (1978)
Bryan Ferry – You Can Dance [One Nation Remix] (2010)


Dazler said…
Some great stuff here!

It's funny, I'm not a great lover of Hip-Hop but I still found myself singing along to Rappers Delight - and more worrying I knew every single word!
professor Eddy said…
Yes, it's a great sing-a-long track, although I consider Rapper's Delight more a disco song than a hip hop track.

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