Boogie cops - the final chapter

What does boogie mean? I’m still not sure. Is it synonymous for dancing or do they sing about making love? Some people call the electronic disco of the early 80s s ‘boogie’, but there’s only one song in this mix from that period (Lesette Wilson) and that song doesn’t sound very electronic, does it? This is what Wikipedia has to say about it: In short, boogie comes from ‘boogie woogie’.

Brooklyn People was remixed by the legendary Tom Moulton, the inventor of the remix and the 12 inch disco single. Nowadays he'd probably be called a re-editor, because he stretched (in a unique way) original 7 inch radio-edits into longer versions for the clubs. He was the first to do so in the early 1970s, but he didn't add new instruments, which is quite essential for a remix today. He used the original mastertapes only. Look out for his new album ‘Philly Re-grooved ’ that will be released very soon!

Leyo and Uptown Funk Empire can be found on Soul Unsigned The Summer Session 2010, a great new album.


Lesette Wilson – Caveman Boogie (1981)
Leyo – Barcelona Boogie (2009)
Kool & the Gang – Jungle Boogie (1974)
Uptown Funk Empire – Boogie [Extended Album Version] (2009)
A Taste Of Honey – Boogie Oogie Oogie [Dorfmeister vs. MDLA remix] (2006)
Heatwave – Boogie Nights (1976)
Sound Experience - Boogie Woogie (1975)
Brooklyn People – Boogie Man [A Tom Moulton Mix] (1975)
KC & the Sunshine Band – Boogie Shoes (1978)
Eddie Kendricks – Boogie Down (1973)
Rokotto – Boogie On Up (1977)
Teena Marie – You’re All The Boogie I Need (1980)
Hot Chocolate – Mindless Boogie (1979)
Rozza & Wine – Disco Boogie Woman (1977)
Bionic Boogie – Boogie Boo (1977)
Beautiful Bend – Boogie Motion (1978)
ORS – Body To Body Boogie (1978)
Silver Convention – Get Up And Boogie (1976)


Picture by MeltCupid


Dazler said…
A fine end to a great series!

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