Disco Ball Of Pleasure

Picture: Dom Cruz
You're invited to my disco ball of pleasure! I started working on this mix after hearing the relaxed, Latin inspired 'Summer vibes' from Justeza that I discovered on Soundcloud. I wanted to do a similar chillout mix, but with a personal 'Professor Eddy' touch, so I added dance and disco influences. The final result is some kind of 'chillout disco' mix. A track that builds a bridge between the chillout and disco part is 'Gotta hustle on' from Latin percussionist Willie Bob:

"This track took his percussion work into the proto-disco era in a VERY appealing way. On top of a relentless groove, the percussion drives HARD on top of a very jazzy piano (which reminds me a whole lot of Willie Tee's playing), a spaced out guitar and electric piano, and superb horns. From 1974..."
(Quote: Derek Daily's 45)

I don't know what to think about the name Albert's Negrita... It sounds horrible... (however, their song 'That's the ball' sounds quite good). This is what the Urban Dictionairy says about the word 'negrita':

“Spanish word for black girl (negra), used as a term of endearment or just descriptive without being offensive...adding ita/ito to the end of a word is endearing ie. abuelito/a bebito/a, besito...”

Following previous ventures with The Funk League, french producer Hugo LX returns with a new project called KenJaNai, showcasing a radical shift for the young beatsmith, as the production leans towards futuristic beats, 80’s synths and some downtempo jams influenced by Japanese electronic and new Funk legacy. Release date: Monday 8th of September. Taken from the forthcoming KenJaNai album, called 'Faceless heroes' (Autumn 2014).


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