Smooth Sailing: Lowering The Sails & Waving Goodbye

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Enjoy this season's final part of Smooth Sailing! The closing track is by go nogo. Since 2012, go nogo have released a string of single tracks, which in the company of many assorted remixers have gained wide recognition. In many cases special collaborators, like Acid Washed, Skatebard, Kaito or Woolfy contributed versions, which were more than supportive for the original tunes. Eric Schemer and Fred Scholl have now decided, that the time has come to let five originals speak for themselves on the EP 'New folks':
"Let It Show is lyrically rather introspective. It lights up the inner conflict of a person who's constantly surrounded by people showing-off to get other people's attention. Hopeless of being recognized at all, he's giving himself to procrastination and withdraws from the world. Musically, the tune has a great variety of guitar sounds, from a bluesy slide to the sixty-ish jingle-jangle and the wall of sound of the appendix - this is Eric's trip. The midtempo-paced disco beat and the sawing bass is in juxtaposition to the playful synth-melody of the chorus."
(Quote: T4C)

One of the tracks is 'Joanna' by Scott Walker. He was the front singer of the Walker Brothers for quite some time. Massive hits were 'The sun ain't gonna shine anymore' and 'Make it easy on yourself'. After their split the man with the striking baritone voice went solo and sang a lot of Jacques Brel songs. He discovered the French 'chansonnier' in the record collection of a German Playboy bunny he’d met at the opening of a Playboy club in London. 'Joanna' was supposed to be written by the English husband and wife song-writing team Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent. While credited to Hatch and Trent journalist Joe Jackson writes in his article 'The Fugitive Kind' that Walker wrote a significant proportion of the lyric. Jackson quotes Walker as follows: 'that whole verse about "lived in your eyes completely" is mine and I wrote the last line in the song: you may remember me and change your mind.' 'Joanna' was a major hit and is one of Walker's most popular recordings. It spent eleven weeks on the UK Singles Chart and peaked at #7 in June 1968: "We owned the summer, hand in hand Joanna".

Thanks to Seasidevibes, who was an inspiration for this mix!


Nouvelle Vague – Say Hello Wave Goodbye (2009)
Pieces Of A Dream – Warm Weather (1981)
Life Force – Slow Dancer (1977)
Donald Byrd – Places And Spaces (1975)
Yusef Lateef – Nubian Lady (1972)
Natalie Cole – La Costa (1977)
Lou Rawls – Ain’t That Love, Baby (1982)
Society Of Soul – Between Hello And Goodbye (1978)
Gene Dunlap – Before You Break My Heart (1981)
Art Webb – You Can’t Hide Love (1977)
Duke Pearson – Christo Redentor (1969)
Scott Walker – Joanna (1968)
Moonshoes – Sunny Dream (2013)
The Doobie Brothers – Real Love (1980)
The Carcia Brothers – Dancin' All Night
Håkon Graf & Terry McCullough – Give A Sign (1984)
Stevie Woods – You Blow Me Away (1984)
Go Nogo – Let It Show [Eddy's Edit] (2014)

Smooth Sailing: Lowering The Sails & Waving Goodbye by Professor Eddy on Mixcloud


Joop Kielema said…
It was good and smooth sailing with this mix. It’s a pity we can no longer sail the sea of smooth sailing. Now I have to sail the sea of cheese again. (Primus). Scott Walker quit smooth sailing quite a long time ago. He will release a new album in October. Unfortunately it is once again a record in his industrial, metal angst, and claustrophobic mood. He recorded it with a heavy metal band. It sounds awful.
professor Eddy said…
Thanks for your comment, Joop. Yes, it is a pity that Scott Walker does not sing anymore like he used to do. I believe that the last 'normal' Scott Walker song was 'Only myself to blame' on the soundtrack of the James Bond movie 'The world is not enough' in 1999.

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