Groovy, Sexy & Soulful XX Valentine’s Edition

What better reason to play the lovely new single from Alison Valentine (picture left) on this Valentine’s edition of Groovy, Sexy & Soulful? ;-) This is what Electronic Rumours has to say about the track:
"Warm Winter’s Day, is a perfect example of inviting R&B flavoured ElectroPop. Imbued with that Chillwavey air so often found in New York’s ElectroPop output, reverby beats and toy town synths dance playfully about the track while Alison provides an intimate, personal performance. This would have made an awesome X-Mas single, but a month later it still delivers a warming electronic cheer."
And this is what Derek’s Daily wrote on the 27th of December 2012, the day after the death of magnificent soul singer Fontella Bass (picture right):
"With the passing of yet another one of the greats, it drives home the fact that we are so lucky to have this music. Fontella Bass was one of THE greatest voices of the '60's; may her music live on always. While Fontella never had the type of chart success (not to mention pop crossover) as she did with ‘Rescue Me’, there are a number of other great, overlooked records in her discography."
Don’t forget to check out ‘Fantasy’ from Tesla Boy, one of the outstanding tracks. Enjoy the ‘couch soul’ of this 20th part of Groovy, Sexy & Soulful!


5 Reasons – Reason To Love [Original Mix] (2012)
Alison Valentine – Warm Winter’s Day (2013)
Dwele – Hangover (2010)
Lyn Christopher – Take Me With You (1973)
Norman Connors – Valentine Love (1975)
Games Unlimited – Seduction (1999)
Chime – Right Again (1980)
Cal Tjader – Morning (1979)
Rena Scott – Touch The Love In Your Heart (1979)
Sylvia St. James ‎– Motherland (1980)
Fontella Bass – I’m Leaving The Choice To You (1972)
The Four Tops – Shake Me Wake Me (1966)
Diana Ross – Love Hangover (1976)
MCB – I’m The One, You’re The One (1983)
Heatwave – Turn Around [Northern Rascal Extension 2012] (1980)
Brooklyn Dreams – Music, Harmony And Rhythm [Bobby ‘DJ’ Guttadaro Remix] (1977)
Full Force – Turn You On (1980)
Meechelle La Chaux ‎– Love Me All Over (1986)
Tesla Boy – Fantasy [Live Studio Version 2] (2012)

Groovy, Sexy & Soulful XX Valentine’s Edition by Professor Eddy on Mixcloud


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