Slow & Easy Grooves

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Strangely enough the inspiration for this mix came when I saw Wilson Pickett singing ‘In the midnight hour’ in a very good documentary, called ‘History of rock ‘n’ roll’. It remembered me of the slicker Roxy Music version. Although I like the raw voice of Wilson Pickett, the song is more about seducing when Bryan Ferry sings the lyrics. I’m a big fan of his introvert, sophisticated funk. Soul singer Maxwell once said that Bryan Ferry was his biggest influence. It took me almost a year to complete this mix. Only after listening to a set of Japanese dj Daizi I found the right mood to finish it off. So enjoy these midnight grooves!

Track listing:

Roxy Music – In The Midnight Hour (1980)
Zapp & Roger – Slow And Easy (1993)
Linn Segolson – Troubled Times (2005)
Barbara Lynn – Nice And Easy (1971)
Valerie Simpson – Keep It Coming (1972)
New Birth – Never Can Say Goodbye (1971)
J. Blackfoot – Taxi (1983)
Leon Ware – Words Of Love (1982)
Kellee Patterson – Turn On The Lights (1977)
Carol Douglas – Midnight Love Affair (1976)
Leroy Hutson – Nice And Easy (1982)
Side Effect – Midnight Lover (1981)
Maxine Weldon – I Want Sunday Back Again (1975)
The Isley Brothers – Groove With You (1978)
Marvin Gaye – I Met A Little Girl [Professor Eddy Remix] (2009)
Beverly Knight – Too Much Heaven (2009)
Major Harris – How Do You Take Your Love (1978)
Al Johnson & Jean Carn – I’m Back For More (1980)
The Notations – Take It Slow (1975)


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