Professor Eddy’s Road To Philadelphia (Tribute to Teddy and Philly part 2)

My tribute to Teddy and Philly was featured on Mixcloud and a huge success, so why not think like Sylvester Stallone and make a follow-up? And here it is: another road to Philadelphia. There are two or three tracks that are technically no exponents of the so-called Philly soul, but they sound just the same. One of them is Kai Warner’s ‘On the road to Philadelphia’. He’s the brother of German conductor James Last and the song is the title track from his homage to the Philly sound. I saved the best for last: I know nothing about the singer, but the Dianne Steinberg track is really the bomb! I hope you’ll enjoy this new mix as much as part 1. Picture by PaPeR.cLiP


O’Jays – Darling Darling Baby (1976)
MFSB – The Zip (1975)
Billy Paul – Bring The Family Back (1979)
Kai Warner – On The Road To Philadelphia (1975)
Flashlight – Thank You Baby (1978)
Jean Carn – Was That All It Was (1979)
Teddy Pendergrass – Close The Door (1978)
The Dells – Our Love (1977)
Ron Hall & the Muthafunkaz - The Way You Love Me [Dim's T.S.O.P. Version] (2006)
The Trammps – Where Do We Go From Here? (1974)
Blue Magic – Welcome To The Club (1974)
Love Committee – Darling Come Back Home (1975)
Double Exposure – Falling In Love (1978)
First Choice – Guilty (1974)
Vincent Montana, Jr. & Philly Sound Orchestra – That's What Love Does (2005)
The Stylistics – Can't Help Falling In Love (1976)
The Ebony’s – You’re The Reason Why (1971)
Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes – I Hope That We Can Be Together Soon (1975)
Dionne Warwick – Once You Hit The Road (1975)
Dianne Steinberg – One More Time (1974)


Anonymous said…
Am I being dense or is there no way to download your sets from Mixcloud? These tracklistings look soooo good but I have no way to listen at work unless I can download and put on my ipod. :(
professor Eddy said…
Please, send me an e-mail!

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