Summer Soul Station Part 14: Last Trip To The Seaside

The summer of 2011 is almost over, so it’s time to make one last trip to the seaside. The first trip was on AOR Disco, btw. I’m really proud to have included a track from Jeremy Spencer, an early member of Fleetwood Mac. He replaced guitarist Peter Green for a 1971 world tour, but after he had gone to a book store, he never returned… Five days later, police traced him to the headquarters of a Christian sect called the Children of God, which Spencer had apparently joined after being approached on the street. A few years later he began to record again and made ‘Flee’, one of the best yacht rock albums of the 1970s.

This is the final episode of Summer Soul Station, at least for the summer season. Don't forget to check out AOR Disco for a special version of 'Last trip to the seaside', which is called 'Last short trip to the seaside'.

Picture from Jorgosphotos


Kenny G – Stop And Go (1982)
Art Webb – A Little Traveling Music, Please (1977)
Johnny Hammond – Shifting Gears (1975)
Haggis Horns – Traveller [Part 2] (2006)
Bobbi Humphrey – The Trip (1975)
Black Mighty Orchestra – Ocean Beach [Cybophonia Cinematic Remix] (2003)
Buscemi – Seaside (2003)
The Sonnets – Seaside (2010)
Fountains Of Wayne – A Dip In The Ocean (2011)
Tennis – Cape Dory (2011)
Duane Eddy – Mexborough Ferry Boat Halt (2011)
The New Mastersounds – On The Border (2011)
Money Mark, Thalma de Freitas & João Parahyba – Tropical Affair (2011)
Jill Scott – Le Boom Vent Suite (2011)
Colbie Caillat – Brighter Than The Sun (2011)
The Jeremy Spencer Band – Cool Breeze (1979)
Metronomy – The Bay (2011)


Dazler said…
A great compilation as usual Eddy!

The highlights for me were the Mizell Brothers tracks as well as that great Black Mighty Orchestra one too! - Any idea where the sample is from?
professor Eddy said…
Thanks! The sample is 'Lujon' from Henry Mancini.

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