If You Can't Stand The Heat, Get Out Of The Kitchen

The professor is your one and only weatherman! It’s getting warmer day by day over here in Holland, so take off your sweaters and put on your bathing suits! Call up your local firemen for some wet refreshments and listen to my soundtrack to a heatwave. ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’ is a tribute to all cooks as wel, of course... ;-).

One of the tracks is from Italian singer Sabrina who was the one who introduced us to nippleslipping, years before Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Madonna and all the others showed their stuff. Sabrina still performs her Hi-NRG/italo dance classic 'Boys' on stage now and then .

Many thanks to Nicolas Drosos and the guys from A Digital Needle for helping me out!

Beautiful picture from Astrid Van Mele.


Evelyn King – I’m Just Warming Up (1982)
Kalyan – Hot Tea (1980)
Gregg Diamond Bionic Boogie – Hot Butterfly (1978)
Barbara Lynn – You Make Me So Hot (1973)
Fire & Ice – Enchanted Flame (1980)
Champaign – I’m On Fire (1981)
Aaliyah – Hot Like Fire (1996)
Nicole Feat. Missy Elliott – Make It Hot (1998)
Denise LaSalle – I'm So Hot (1980)
Chuck Cissel – Cisselin' Hot (1979)
Plastic Surprise – Hot Nights (1980)
Commodores – Too Hot Ta Trot (1978)
Wayne Henderson – Hot Stuff (1978)
Melba Moore – Hot And Tasty (1979)
Millie Scott – Can’t Stand The Heat (1987)
Two Sisters – Hot Hot Sound (1983)
Sabrina – Hot Girl (1987)
Goody Goody – Make Me Hot (1984)
Gypsy Lane – Cold Fire (1984)
Michael Jonzun – Burnin' Up (1986)
Frisky – Burn Me Up (With Your Love) (1979)
Deodato – S.O.S. Fire In The Sky (1984)
Cissy Houston – You're The Fire (1980)
The Impressions – Fan The Fire (1981)
Seventh Avenue – New York’s On Fire [A Digital Needle Edit] (1984)



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