Boombox – Synthi Disco & Electro Funk

Here's some electronic soul that sounds cool on your ghettoblaster!

Liner notes:

Chromeo – I Can't Tell You Why [Dub Version] (2009)

Chromeo are P-Thugg (real name Patrick Gemayel, born in Lebanon, July 31, 1979) on keyboards, synthesizers, and talk box, and Dave 1 (real name David Macklovitch, born June 7, 1978) on guitar and lead vocals. The two childhood friends jokingly describe themselves as 'the only successful Arab/Jewish partnership since the dawn of human culture'.

Roger ‎– I Want To Be Your Man (1987)

Roger Troutman (November 29, 1951 – April 25, 1999) was the lead singer of funk pioneers Zapp who influenced West Coast hip hop due to the scene's heavy sampling of his music over the years. Troutman was well known for his use of the talk box, a device that is connected to an instrument (frequently a keyboard) to create different vocal effects. In his later years, he was mostly known for singing the chorus to the hip-hop classic 'California Love' by Tupac Shakur. His life came to a tragic end when he was shot dead by his brother Larry who later killed himself.

Prince ‎– Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad? (1980)

This man needs no introduction. He's by far the most innovative artist of the 1980s and beyond, creating an unique sound of funk, rock and disco.

Jean Michel Jarre – Orient Express (1982)

This is from his legendary ‘Concerts in China’ album. Jean Michel Jarre was a big synthesizer pioneer in the 1970s.

Bar-Kays – Sexomatic [12” Dub Version] (1984)

The Bar-Kays (formerly known as the Mar-Kays on soul label Stax) added some electronics to their sound to survive the eighties. This dub version has some Duran Duran keyboards in it (‘The Reflex’) and the vocals seem to be done by Frankie Goes to Hollywood from time to time. But the final result is excellent.

Cameo ‎– Single Life (1985)

Formed in 1974 in New York, USA. Originally called New York City Players, but changed to The Players after a lawsuit against them, by the Ohio Players. Larry Blackman and his guys released 17 albums between 1977 and 2000. They put theirselves on the musical map when they started to make tight electro funk in the mid-eighties. 'Word Up' is their claim to fame.

Twilight 22 – Mysterious (1984)

Electro funk duo from the San Francisco Bay Area that released songs on Vanguard Records which is based in New York City.

Joyce Sims ‎– All And All (1986)

Her follow-up to 'Come into my life'.

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam with Full Force – I Wonder If I Take You Home (1984)

The group consisted of singer Lisa Velez and musicians Mike Hughes and Alex 'Spanador' Moseley. Together with Full Force they laid the foundation for what would later become 'swingbeat' (the forerunner of RnB).

Mantronix – King Of The Beats (1988)

This is from a very nice new compilation album called 'Electrospective: electronic music since 1958'.

Fun Fun – Happy Station (1983)

A groundbreaking dance track with its sensational scratches and electro beat!

Casio Social Club ‎– Crush (2012)

Worldwide available from the 14th of August. Based on ‘Crush on you’ from The Jets. Casio Social Club is a project from Justin Winks.

James (D Train) Williams ‎– You Are Everything (1986)

D-Train was initially a soul duo that was formed in a Brooklyn, New York high school in the early 1980's by James 'D Train' Williams (lead vocals) and Hubert Eaves III (keyboards, bass, drums and arrangements). This song is more or less a solo effort from Williams.

Mirror Kisses – Proud (2012)

Virginia based synth duo consisting of George Clanton (‘Kid’s Garden,’ ‘Music To Take Drugs To’) and drummer Doug Sexton. This track is from their great new album 'Bad dreams'.

Mika – Relax, Take It Easy [Ashley Beedle's Castro Vocal Disco Mix] (2006)

A cool disco remix from his number one hit.

Grand Tour – Flight From Versailles (1977)

One-album studio disco act led by Canadian producers & songwriters Willi Morrison & Ian Guenther.

Kraftwerk – Musique Non Stop [Eddy's Endless Edit] (1986)

Most innovative electro band ever! From their album ‘Electric cafe’ (originally called ‘Techno pop’).

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