Skate, Boogie & Dance

Let’s put on our rollerskates and dance (if possible with skates on...) 'Bring on the love’ is one of the outstanding tracks in this mix. The song is a real treat from American soul singer Gloria Jones. She is most famous for her sixties northern soul classic ‘Tainted love’. In the 1970s she became the girlfriend of British singer Marc Bolan, the inventor of glam rock with his band T-Rex. Jones joined T-Rex as a keyboard player and backing vocalist. She also inspired him to choose for a more disco-oriented direction. After having a child, their time together came to a tragic end. The T-Rex singer died in a car accident near his home after a concert in 1977, with Jones at the wheel. She moved back to Los Angeles with their son Rolan. ‘Tainted love’ became a worldwide hit for Soft Cell in 1981.

When you are halfway the mix, you can hear the politically very incorrect lyrics from Kim Hart:

Boy, if you choose me,
It's okay to use me,
I wouldn't fight it,
I might even like it...

The last track I play is a remix of a new song from Elster Club, called ‘Slow deep disco’. They are from Germany. Nice one! By the way, doesn’t sound Ronnie Hudson’s ‘West coast poplock’ almost exactly the same as ‘California love’ by 2Pac & Dr Dre? Picture from Miriam Slater


Donny & Marie Osmond – On The Shelf [Extended Shelflife Mix] (1978)
Pamala Stanley – Only You Can Reach Me (1979)
Gloria Jones - Bring On The Love (Why Can't We Be Friends Again) (1977)
Tempest Trio - Do You Like The Way That It Feels (1979)
Xanadu – Sure Shot [A Digital Needle Edit] (1980)
Dee Dee T – We've Got All Night
Ronnie Hudson & The Street People – West Coast Poplock (1982)
Kim Hart – Love At First Night (1980)
Sanctuary – Disco Discouraged [Joey Negro Edit] (1980)
T-Connection – Saturday Night [Relative Funk Soundsystem Remix Feat. Ludacris] (1978)
Ronnie Dyson – All Over Your Face (1983)
Claudja Barry – Dance, Dance, Dance [Kid Color's Palette Edit] (1976)
William Onyeabor – Body & Soul (1980)
Elster Club – Slow Deep Disco [Nevada Base Scat Dub] (2012)


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