When I started to listen to pop music in 1974, glam rock (created by Marc Bolan from T-Rex) was very popular, but disco started to break through. ‘Rock your baby’ from George McCrae was the spark that lighted the fire. Dance music became hot and glam artists of the seventies like David Bowie (‘Fame’,‘Golden years’), Glitter Band (‘Makes you blind’) and Mud (‘Shake it down’) tried to move to the dance floor (the guitar player of Mud, Rob Davis, wrote ‘Can't get you out of my head’ for Kylie Minogue years later). Soul and disco music seemed to go very well with glam rock around the mid-seventies. To prove my point I added the intro of ‘Ballroom blitz’ from the Sweet to the Pied Piper remix of Michael Jackson’s 'Rockin’ robin'. And if you are not convinced, well, at least the musicians wore the same type of clothes… ;-) Enjoy! Picture from My Hair Care.


Michael Jackson – Rockin’ Robin [Pied Piper Vs Professor Eddy Remix] (2012)
The Supermen Lovers – Keep The Funk Alive [Cityzen Remix] (2011)
Night People – Inflation [A Digital Needle Edit] (1980)
Dance People – Dance People [Eddy’s Edit] (1979)
Pagoda – Finders Keepers (1983)
Extra – Haven't Been Funked Enough (1982)
Casio Disco Club – Discokicks [Radio Edit] (2012)
Kwick – You're The Kind Of Girl (1981)
The Dynamic Superiors – Face The Music [Jski Extended] (1975)
Chi-Lites Featuring Gene Record – Strung Out [Womack ReWork] (1981)
Hot Chocolate – Every 1's A Winner [Scratchandsniffs Guilty Pleausure Edit] (1978)
Metropolis – I Love New York (1978)
The Blackbyrds – Gotta Fly (2012)
Brand New Heavies – I Don't Know Why (I Love You) (2006)
Modern Romance – Queen Of The Rapping Scene [A Digital Needle Edit] (1981)
Freqnik & WDRE – Favela B-Boy Funk (2012)

Discokicks! by Professor Eddy on Mixcloud


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