Funky Chillin’ On A Sunny Afternoon (Preview Of Summer)

It is very sad that pianist/singer/writer Don Blackman died last week. I remember hearing 'Holding you, loving you' for the first time (on 'Another late night' from Zero 7) and I couldn't believe that the guy who made that beautiful song released only one album...
Blackman was born in Queens, NY, grew up surrounded by jazz influences; a cousin was McCoy Tyner's friend and saxophonist Charles McPherson (a Charlie Parker disciple) was Blackman's neighbour. Blackman played with McPherson's group in 1968 alongside Sam Jones and Louis Hayes when he was 15 years old.
He switched to electric piano and toured with Parliament/Funkadelic in the early 1970s. He later became an original member of Lenny White's Twennynine (‘Peanut Butter’), a key piece in Jamaica Queens' 1970s' jazz-funk explosion. A deal with GRP/Arista birthed the solo album ‘Don Blackman’, including 'Heart's desire', in 1982. It was a wonderful collection of songs that commercially failed because of poor promotion.
His legacy includes Kurtis Blow sessions and singing ‘Haboglabotrin’ on Bernard Wright's 'Nard' album. He worked on sessions for a long list of artists including Nagee, David Sanborn and Roy Ayers. And Tu-Pac's ‘R U still down' release was based on his composition ‘Live to kick it’ .

Picture below from David Allen Garcia.


Adam F – Colours (1997)
Jad & The Ladyboy – Honey You’re My Star (2013)
Don Thomas – Come On Train (1973)
Tony Remy & Bluey – Dans La Mancha (2008)
JuJu Orchestra – Kind Of Latin Rhythm (2005)
Jon Lucien – Would You Believe In Me (1973)
Scott Walker – Copenhagen (1969)
Rhye – One Of Those Summer Days (2013)
Don Blackman – Heart’s Desire (1982)
S.M.V. - Hillbillies On A Quiet Afternoon (2008)
Bobby Lyle – Believe (1979)
The True Reflection – Whisper (1973)
Azymuth – New Dawn (2008)
Amos Lee – Won’t Let Go (2008)
Sergio Mendes – E Vamos La... (2008)
Bilal – West Side Girl (2013)
Bill Withers – I Wish You Well (1975)
Ruben Hein – Lazy Afternoon (2010)
José James Feat. Emily King – Heaven On The Ground (2013)


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