Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 34 Nu Grooves Edition

Picture Gavin Turek: Tiger Tiger
Enjoy this 34th edition of Groovy, sexy & soulful! The opening and closing track are from Americana 2, an excellent blue-eyed-soul album, compiled by Zaf Chowdhry and Mark Taylor. They say about the album on AOR Disco:

"More music from artists that never really quite made it to the AOR big time, or were able to afford their own yachts. Those 'ships in the night' artists who, in some cases, never even had a hit song, and who sank without a trace, without even a rubber dingy."

An example of a band that couldn’t find a 'rubber dingy' is RCR. Their album ‘Scandal’ is crap, to be honest, but the track that Zaf Chowdhry and Mark Taylor found is something special!

I like the dark and funky dance track from Clubfeet, which was an inspiration for this mix. Clubfeet are a five piece synth-pop band from Melbourne, Australia, and Cape Town, South Africa. In 2010, Clubfeet released their critically acclaimed debut LP ‘Gold on gold’, which received a huge second wind in the second half of 2011 through a collaborative video project with Sydney videographer Alex Goddard and a spate of remixes. Their follow-up album ‘Heirs and graces’ was released earlier this year in Australia and only recently in the US and Europe.


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