Eddy's 80s Grooves Part 8 (Best Of 1984)

Joseph Szabo - MrDisco, 1984
In 1984 traditional soul and disco had completely disappeared from the map. Dance music became some kind of club soul that was heavily influenced by the electronic music that English new wave and electro pop bands, like The Human League, made. But soulful pop re-appeared on the charts after the 'disco sucks' meltdown in the late 1970s. For instance, Deniece Williams and The Pointer Sisters were regular guests on the Billboard Hot 100.

“If one person could claim the crown for 1984, it would have to be Prince, who released his hit movie, Purple Rain. This classic movie spawned a mega-successful soundtrack, several hit singles and the beginning of the PMRC, a group that tried to censor the type of music people could listen to. Michael Jackson, who held 1983’s crown, started the year off well but made a major career miscalculation when recording Victory with his brothers.“ (Quote: blogcritics)

Enjoy this new episode of Eddy's 80s Grooves!

Eddy’s 80s Grooves Part 8 (Best Of 1984) by Professor Eddy on Mixcloud


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