Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 41 Simple & Sweet Edition

Jane Fonda (Barbarella)
Enjoy the 41st edition of ‘Groovy, sexy and soulful’! 'My favourite track might possibly 'Angel eyes' by American Gypsy. They are best known for their song 'Inside out', which has been sampled a lot (by DJ Shadow and Groove Armada, for instance). This funk band never had any big hits, but I like their output a lot! 'Angel eyes' was written by Piet Souer, the same guy who played guitar on 'The troubadour', the Eurovision Song Contest winner of 1969 and he co-wrote many hits for Dutch girl band Luv'.

"With a baritone voice reminiscent of Tim Buckley, Keiran White sounds like the type of cult artist who gets revered by the likes of Mojo magazine. But it never happened for White and after his only solo album Open Door was released in 1975 he never recorded again and became a truck driver in Oregon before his untimely death in 1995. Maybe it was because the material on Open Door just wasn't quite up to it or maybe it was down to the lukewarm critical reception given to his former band Steamhammer, a blues rock band from Worthing whose luck was only marginally better than the legendarily luckless Badfinger. Open Up The Door, the opening track from his solo album, is widely regarded as his finest moment." (Quote: AOR Disco)


Kieran White – Open Up Your Door (1975)
Pleasure - Thoughts Of Old Flames (1979)
Bumblebee Unlimited – Funk For Days (1977)
Walter Jackson – Let Me Come Back (1973)
Macho - Mucho Macho (1977)
Hot Chocolate - Cheri Babe (1974)
American Gypsy - Angel Eyes (1974)
Alphonse Mouzon - Sunflower (1972)
Minnie Riperton - Stick Together (1977)
Persuaders – I'm So Glad, I Got You (1981)
T-Connection - Girl Watching (1982)
Teena Marie - Why Did I Have To Fall In Love With You (1980)
MFSB – Human Machine (1975)
Roy Ayers - Simple And Sweet (1979)
Eastside Connection - Frisco Disco (1978)
Starvue - Love Affair (1980)
GQ - Disco Nights (Rock Freak) (1979)
Alfonso Surrett – Make It Feel Good (1980)


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