Last Disco Night Out Of The Year

Shiny Disco Ball by Irene Miranda
My way of saying farewell to 2014! Barry White, the ‘walrus of love’, is the master of slow disco. He was a disco pioneer by making ‘Love’s theme’ with Love Unlimited and many solo records in the mid-seventies. When disco reached its peak at the end of the seventies, White’s popularity was already declining. Many were copying his typical ‘slow disco’ sound at that time. He was rediscovered in the nineties when R&B and hiphop artists were sampling his work extensively. This is the perfect song to start the mix with. In a way it’s a sad soul song about a man with a broken heart. But it has some disco elements as well, because he wants ‘to dance the night away’ to forget about his girl. Let the music play and picture Barry White dancing… ;-)

One of the best songs ever is 'The morning after' by Maureen McGovern. Songwriters Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn were asked to write the love theme for the movie 'The Poseidon Adventure' in one night. By the break of dawn they came up with a song called 'Why must there be a morning after?'. The record label, however, changed the lyrics into 'there's got to be a morning after', which sounded more positive. When the film became a blockbuster, secretary Maureen McGovern, who was starting as a singer at the time, was asked to sing the song (then simply called 'The morning after') for the commercial release. It became a Billboard number one in 1973. A perfect song to close the mix and the year with.

Thanks to Irfane who mixed the last 10 minutes or so, from Alan Parsons Project to Champaign, in a magnificent way. By the way, I started 'Girl I'm on your side' by the Bar-Kays in a different key, so don't blame Irfane for the strange transition to Alan Parsons Project. So no mistakes by him, he is just pure magic!

Last Disco Night Out Of The Year by Professor Eddy on Mixcloud


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