Smooth Sailing: Rocking Softly & Moving Slowly

I like songs about making love and having a party, but most of all I like songs that tell a story. A great example of a story-telling love song is the one from Sandy Coast. The lyrics are about a guy that knows a gorgeous girl named Jenny from his childhood, but never paid much attention to her. Years later he is in Studio 54 and then he suddenly sees her walking through the front door. He is struck by her beauty and he is sure that he can live ‘for another 1000 years’, only when he sees the eyes of Jenny. The band name 'Sandy Coast' comes from the city where the members lived at the time: The Hague.

One of the tracks is from duo Champs: "Hailing from the rugged yet picturesque Isle Of Wight, the two brothers honed a perfectly dreamy and melancholic sound dedicated to the pitfalls of human emotions. On their second album 'Vamala' they widened their sound, adding more pressing drums and sing along vocals." (Quote: Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape)

Someone wrote about Roman GianArthur that if Stevie Wonder and Chic got locked up in a studio, they'd make something like ‘I-69’…

Enjoy this new part of Smooth Sailing! Thanks to Nicolas Drosos for supplying the new Bluey track. The album of the Incognito frontman will be released next month.


The Wah Wah Collective
– Tell Me Why [Radio Edit] (2014)
Bluey – Life Between The Notes (2015)
Average White Band – Whatcha' Gonna Do For Me (1980)
Bob James ‎– Sign Of The Times (1981)
RCR – When There's Love Around (1980)
Seals & Crofts – Sweet Green Fields (1976)
Phillip Goodhand-Tait – Oceans Away (1976)
Champs – Running [Creange Remix] (2015)
Double – The Captain Of Her Heart (1985)
Tears For Fears ‎– Advice For The Young At Heart (1990)
Marshall Hain – Dancing In The City (1978)
Roman GianArthur – I-69 (2013)
Remy Shand – Take A Message (2001)
Kimiko Kasai – Killing Me Softly With His Song (1984)
Kathe Green – Beautiful Changes (1976)
Sandy Coast – The Eyes Of Jenny (1980)
Maria Muldaur – I'll Keep My Light In My Window (1978)
White Horse – Over And Done With (1977)
Sloan – Everything You've Done Wrong (1996)

Smooth Sailing: Rocking Softly & Moving Slowly by Professor Eddy on Mixcloud


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