Smooth Sailing: Soft Sounds & Jazzy Beats

We're going to set sail for another smooth boat trip to fantasy island! This part of Smooth Sailing is a little different from the previous ones. In this edition there's more room for jazzy beats and Latin pop. But there's soul music in it as well, of course, like the song from Impact. It is the group that featured the falsetto of Damon Harris. As a member of the Temptations from 1971 to 1975, Harris' airy yet earthy falsetto powered such classics including 'Papa Was a Rolling Stone' and the drug epic 'Hurry Tomorrow'. Impact also had a raspy vocalist reminiscent of David Ruffin, who provided a good juxtaposition to Harris. So perhaps Impact could be called a Philly equivalent for the Temptations.

Brazilian electrified trio Azymuth called their music samba doido, which means "crazy samba." The actual sounds, though, were not so crazy: the intelligent, high-voltage blend of Brazilian rhythms, jazz, and funk with occasional acoustic episodes gained a sizable following through the years. (Source:

Enjoy this new part of Smooth Sailing!


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