Smooth Sailing: Cool Lounge & Hot Buttered Soul

The birds are dropping dead from roofs because of the heat in the Netherlands, so take a swim and enjoy this new episode of Smooth Sailing! The godfather of dance, Giorgio Moroder, just released a new album, called 'Deja vu', at the age of 75. Moroder was born in Ortisei, Italy, on April 26, 1940. When he moved to Munich, Germany, he established his own studio, Musicland, and recorded his debut single 'Looky, looky' in 1969. His first album, 'Son of my father', was released three years later. Around that time Moroder was introduced to fellow musician Pete Bellotte, with whom he formed a production partnership. In collaboration with singer Donna Summer, the duo was to become one of the most powerful forces in the disco-era. Their success beginning with 'The hostage' and 'Lady of the night', followed by their much copied sensual 'Love to love you baby' and their all-time classic 'I feel love', which would become a blue print for electronic dance music (EDM) later on.

British/American married couple R & J Stone, who are on the second edition of 'Too slow to disco', met back in 1973 when touring as singers on the James Last World Tour. Inspired by Ashford & Simpson they became a duo and in 1975 they had their only hit with 'We do it'. Tragedy struck when Joanne Stone was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She died in 1979 and it took Russell Stone a long time to get over this tragic loss, as he writes on his website: ”I was devastated for many years by what happened but have come through all that stronger and wiser and I would not change a thing. Life is beautiful, death inevitable, bow to inevitability and dance“.

Powder Blue Tux consists of Barney Hurley from Samuel Purdey and Ben & Scott Addison from Corduroy. 'Mayfair' is the teaser track from their upcoming EP.


The Isley Brothers – For The Love Of You (1975)
Sylvia – Sweet Stuff (1974)
Dwilt Sharpp – I Need You So Close [Dub Version] (2009)
Nilo Espinosa ‎– Midnight And You (2005)
Arawak – Accade A Bali (1970)
Sylvia Striplin – You Can’t Turn Me Away (1980)
Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan – Sweet Thing (1975)
R & J Stone – Keep On Holding Me (1977)
Barry White – Playing Your Game, Baby (1977)
Jonelle Allen ‎– Baby, I Just Wanna Love You (1978)
Donna Summer – Lady Of The Night (1974)
Teddy Pendergrass ‎– Heaven Only Knows (1983)
Major Harris – Love Won't Let Me Wait (1974)
B-Movie Orchestra – Emanuelle In America (2013)
Love Unlimited Orchestra – Strange Games & Things (1976)
Ju-Par Universal Orchestra – Is Anyone Listening (1976)
Powder Blue Tux – Mayfair (2015)
Cape Cub – Swim [Shoby Remix] (2015)
Philco Fiction – June 17 (2015)

Smooth Sailing: Cool Lounge & Hot Buttered Soul by Professor Eddy on Mixcloud


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