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Enjoy the cool electro disco sounds on this new part of Grooves From The Crates! When American disco faded away because of the ‘disco sucks’ movement by the end of the 1970s, European disco flourished, especially in Italy. The Italians created their own ‘italo’ sound with non-complicated sing-along hooks and keyboard sounds (often about space adventures). The British, Dutch, Germans, French and Belgians participated too. With some help from the American underground scene, the European countries filled the gap between seventies disco and the late eighties house explosion. With their ‘electro’ or ‘electric boogie’ records, the foundation was laid for hip hop as well (Rock Steady Crew). I collected a couple of those early 'electro disco’ tracks and some recent ones as well.

John Morales is a DJ and mixer who helped to pioneer the use of editing for dance floor remixes of records in the 1980s. Morales mixed Tuxedo’s self-titled album, and returned to the master tapes to create his own mix of 'So good'. More about John Morales on Stones Throw.

Picture of Mermaid Pearl by Kim Reed.


Nite-Funk – Can U Read Me (2015)
Gail Anderson – We Communicate (1981)
Chaka Khan – I Feel For You [Eddy’s Edit] (1984)
Advance – Take Me To The Top (1982)
Scritti Politti – Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin) (1983)
ABC – A To Z (1985)
DMX Krew – Didn’t I (2012)
Breakbot Feat. Irfane – One Out Of Two [Oliver Remix] (2012)
Tuxedo – So Good [M+M 80s Classic Mix] (2015)
Rock Steady Crew – Hey You The Rock Steady Crew (1983)
Kerr – Back At Ya (1984)
Yvonne Gage – Garden Of Eve (1981)
Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Feat. Chennez Mckenzie ‎– Groove On [Classic Boogie Version] (2015)
Five Letters – Tha Kee Tha Tha (1980)
Benelux – Switch (1979)
Oattes Van Schaik – Say Yeah (1985)
Digital Emotion – Get Up, Action (1984)
Legs 11 – Pessimist (2015)


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