Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 57 Sleepless Night Edition

Alison Valentine
Enjoy this 57th part of ‘Groovy, sexy and soulful’! It's music for a sleepless night...

Milton Wright is the brother of soul singer Betty Wright (of 'Clean-Up Woman' fame). He made some underappreciated records for the disco-oriented Miami label TK (specifically its Alston subsidiary). Blending smooth, rich vocals with disco-tinged funk and a strong electronic flavor (often courtesy of Moog synthesizers), Wright issued his debut album 'Friends & Buddies' in 1975. His single 'Keep It Up' became a cult classic among funk and disco collectors, and he followed it with another LP, 'Spaced', after which he faded from view.

This is how Canadian electronic pop duo Bob Moses decribe their music on Soundcloud: "Occupying the fertile ground between organic band land and an all-electronic production project, Bob Moses draw on the two poles to vividly resonate across both."

The track by London-based Mary Lake is out on Bandcamp.


Four80East – Cookie Strut [Radio Edit] (2015)
The Sons Of Champlin – You (1976)
Randy Crawford – Happy Feet (1983)
Sharon Robinson – Party For The Lonely (2010)
Mary Lake – Budapest (2015)
Ntjam Rosie – Morning Glow (2010)
Judie Tzuke – Stay With Me ‘Til Dawn (1979)
MFSB – Touch Me In The Morning (1973)
Milton Wright – The Silence That You Keep (1975)
Kris Berry – Morning Sun (2012)
Fourplay – October Morning (1991)
Johnny Mathis – I Want To Fall In Love (1981)
Passion – Midnight Lovers (1979)
Saucy Lady – Meet Me Half Way (2015)
Fantasy – You're Too Late (1981)
Infinity – Queen Of My Universe (1980)
Miles – Perfect World (2000)
Bob Moses – Tearing Me Up (2015)
Lucas Arruda Feat. Leon Ware – Melt The Night [XL Middleton Remix] (2015)

Groovy, Sexy & Soulful Part 57 Sleepless Night Edition by Professor Eddy on Mixcloud


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