The Smooth Operators Present 'Mellow Disco Moods'

Enjoy this disco-ish episode of Mellow Moods by The Smooth Operators! Again Martijn Soetens and I pay tribute to the 1970s (and early '80s) FM radio sound. The song by Betty Griffin is from ‘Greg Belson’s Divine Disco' ('American Gospel Disco 1974 to 1984'). The album is a great snapshot in time encapsulating the raw power of a spiritual performance, set to the pulsating disco rhythms that were in vogue on the dance floors of the day. The compilation also includes remixes and edits by Steve Cobby (who was a member of Fila Brazillia) and Rahaan. It will be released by Cultures of Soul next month.

The track by Lace is a remix from DJ legend Larry Levan. It's the norm now, but at the birth of modern dance music in the 1970s, DJs, producers and remixers were rarely the same person. As influential as his Loft parties were, you'd be hard-pressed to find a record bearing the credit of 'a David Mancuso production'. And while Tom Moulton invented the remix (as well as the 12" single), his legacy wasn't made behind the decks. Tim Lawrence writes in his book 'Love Saves the Day' about Larry Levan that he was the first well-known DJ to become a remixer and producer: "Even at the early stage of his remixing career the Garage DJ had created such an important canon that even when he wasn't spinning it was more than likely that somewhere else he was being spun." Some of his best works are put together on ‘Genius of time’, which is out now.

Next time a new part of Smooth Sailing!


T.S. Monk – Candidate For Love (1981)
Evelyn “Champagne” King – Shame (1977)
The Limit – Destiny (1985)
Gus Pirelli – Meet In The Middle (2015)
Side Effect – Always There (1976)
Breakwater – Let Love In (1980)
Betty Griffin – Free Spirit (1980)
Fresh Fruit – A Song For You (1970s)
Donna Summer ‎– (If It) Hurts Just A Little (1982)
Teri De Sario – Baby I Don’t Want Your Love (1978)
Carrera – Lucky One (New York Boy) (1983)
The Three Degrees – When Will I See You Again [A Tom Moulton Mix] (2012)
High Fashion – Feelin’ Lucky Lately (1982)
Karen Blake – Anything At All (1986)
Yung Bae (with Flamingosis) – Fall In Love With Me (2016)
Alena – Don’t You Know [Ourra Remix] (2015)
Laura Tesoro – What’s The Pressure [Sugarhill Gang Mash-Up] (2016)
Lace – Can’t Play Around [Larry Levan 12” Vocal Version] (1982)
Rhyze – Just How Sweet Is Your Love (1980)
Kraak & Smaak Feat. Mayer Hawthorne – I Don’t Know Why (2016)
MFSB – K Jee (1975)
Peter Brown – Dance With Me (1978)
Donald Byrd – Love Has Come Around (1981)
Niteflyte – You Are (1981)
Mick Jackson – Blame It On The Boogie (1978)
First Choice – Double Cross (1979)
Lack of Afro Feat. Elliott Cole – Now I Feel Good (2016)
Ekkoes – Selfcontrol (2016)


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